day two, one am.

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dusting off the counter, i waited for any new guests to arrive. thankfully, i only had another hour left, and i had just signed two couples in for vacant rooms for the night.

well, i wouldn't really classify them as couples. it looked more like the one night stand type. i shuddered at the thought, and thanked heavens hana would be on cleaning duty the next day and not me.

speaking of hana, she was the one supposed to take this shift instead of me as well. but of course, she had some wedding planning to do since her fiancé was in town for a couple of days before heading off in another business trip. and since both my mother and father claimed they lacked the energy for night shifts, it was down to me and hana.

the door opened quickly, almost flying back and hitting the wall. my body jolted up, startled by the sudden sound. and of course, there he was.

he seemed mad, at least from what i could read from his expression, not that i knew him that well. his whole body seemed to be shaking as he approached the counter, his palm hitting it once as if calling out to me. even though, he already had my full attention.

"do you have hydrogen peroxide and a scrub sponge? i can pay," he asked, making me raise my eyebrows. of course his only concern would be whether or not he had to pay it, not that it was a weird request to make this late at night.

however, i needed to set personal thoughts aside and be hospitable, just like i had learned from my parents. giving him a quick nod, i walked towards the supply closet and grabbed what he had asked for, setting the items on top of the counter.

he didn't say another word, not even a quick thank you. he simply grabbed the things and left right through the door once again.

tapping my fingers against the counter, i took a deep breath as i contemplated my options. one, i could ignore the whole situation had ever happened. two, i could stop trying to be nice to him, give him his money back and kick him out, since the sort of activities he did seemed way too criminal for him to be staying at my family's motel. or three, i could follow him outside and check for myself what the hell had gotten him so riled up.

all of them were doable, and of course option three was the most dangerous one. and that was probably why my leo ascendant ass decided to go through with it.

instead of following him through the front door, however, i decided to be less obvious and go outside through the back door, which was meant for employees only. reaching the back of the motel, i wrapped my arms around my body and cursed myself for not choosing to bring a jacket.

peeking over the corner, i noticed his tall figure hunched over his convertible car. of course that was the one that belonged to him, there was now no doubt in my head that this man was rich beyond my own thoughts. he grabbed the sponge, pouring a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide on it before leaning down to dab it over the car seat.

i thought that was an odd thing to do, especially as carefully as he was doing so. raising my eyebrow, i finally understood what he seemed so worried about.

he was trying to remove blood stains, which was why he needed the hydrogen peroxide in the first place.

cupping my mouth with my hand, my eyes widened slightly as i let out the tiniest of gasps.

and yet, it was enough for him to hear.

and when she saw him walking towards her, she knew her life was about to change. possibly, forever.

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