Chapter 9

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Carter refused to go stay at Vices home so we're staying at a hotel Carter owns here in Mexico. I've learnt that he owns a lot of businesses all over the world.

"Do you buy businesses to have a legal cover up?" I asked as I watched Beau run around with the friends she has made here.

"No." He gestured to the nods he received from the strangers around us. "I tattoo my surname on the people I kill, the Feds know exactly who I am and where to find me."

"I never lie about who I am and what I do because I don't fear anyone." He continued to explain. "People only lie because they're afraid. I'll never lie to you Ava, but I will shield you from the truth as long as I can. It seems to be getting close to impossible lately, it's like you've already figured me out."

Carters words always felt like lessons, like he wanted me to sit back and watch how he does things.

"There's this saying, that one day things will catch up to you." I joked, raising a questioning brow.

"I'm hoping it catches up soon, I'm starting to get bored." He winked, waving at Kai to let him know we were leaving.

"Be careful what you wish for, they might just do that." I shook my head at his confidence.

"You'll come save me, won't you?" His question was playful but I couldn't help but see the seriousness in the way he asked.

"You don't need to ask, irmão mais Velho (older brother)." I caught Beau in my arms before she ran straight into me.

The rest of our day was spent site seeing, Vice was out on business so we hadn't gone and stopped by his house yet and planned to meet him later tonight at the fight club he runs here. I was a little anxious leaving Beau with Zion, not because I didn't trust Zion, I just haven't been separated from her for a long time.

"If she wakes up with a fever or she won't go back to sleep-" I rushed around the room, setting things up for Zion, he smiled waving his hand.

"I've watched you do it a hundred times Ms. Vice, she's a pretty heavy sleeper so I doubt she'll wake up." He nodded down to her sleeping peacefully in mine and hers bed.

"I'm not even her mother and look at me." I sighed, falling onto the couch.

Is there such thing as a momzilla? I thought sarcastically.

"She's lucky to have you, you might not be her real mother but you are." Zion smiled, pulling me up off of the couch. "Preston will stay back with me for protection, you're only gone for a couple of hours. She'll be okay."

"Thank you, both of you." I pulled the both of them into a hug.

"Take care of Ms. Vice will you Fefe." Preston teased Felik.

A loud whack sound soon followed after and I turned around to see Preston rubbing at his arm.

"Only Beau gets away with calling me that." Felik grumbled.

"Okay Mr. Grumpy." Preston rolled his eyes.

I chuckled at their antics and continued to look in my bags for a pair of heels. I quickly learnt that everyone in this business dressed pristine and to a T, I was happy with what I was already wearing and traded my shoes for some black stilettos with red bottoms.

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