The surprise from Dennis!

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Drac was in a similar situation now. He was walking around in his room, trying to get the image of my underwear out of his mind. He never had to do such a thing for any guest before. It is different than dressing his little girl back then. I am not only a stranger, but also a woman.

"No, no, no, this is bad!" he kept on saying, feeling frustrated.

All he wanted is to stay in his coffin, but no...he had to get into this mess, all because Jonny wanted his friends over. Drac gritted his teeth, thinking off his annoying son-in-law. The question, what Mavis loves about him is still a mystery for the count. But for now, it was I that made the ancient vampire scream out in frustration.

"Why is she bothering me so much??? She is just a human, nearly eaten by Dennis's puppy. Who the hell gave this creature to my grandson?!"

He had to slap himself for that stupid question.

"Why am I so nervous????" he yelled around, hoping that someone can give him answer.

"What are you nervous about Drac?"

The count jumped at the sound, as his old friend Frank popped his head trough the door.

"Oh eh...nothing!" lied Drac.

Unfortunately, he forgot his nosy doorknob, "A human is making him nervous."

"Shut up!"

Frank was snow grinning evil, "Oho, does this have something to do with Jonny's friend from earlier?"

Drac looked away embarrassed, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"I know you Drac...did you Zing?"

"What??? No, no, no..." the count's eyes wandered to the painting of Martha and him, "'s just...want to be left alone."

Frank knows what this meant and gave his friend some space. Once Frankenstein left the room, Drac went into his pyjama and got into his coffin. A few seconds later, he opened it a gap, grabbing an old photo of him and Martha from his night table, pressing it against his chest while fighting with his tears.

No one outside knew what was going on and neither did my friends.

While I had finished writing into my diary, Lora and Connor entered the room. Quickly, I hid my book under the pillow. "Hey there N/A. Did Dracula treat you right?" asked Lora curious. "He was alright I guess." Connor wasn't impressed at my bored statement, "Did nothing else happen?"

"Oh I forgot...we were having a bath together and then a little make out on the bed!"

Lora sighted, "If only."

"Shut up Lora!"

Connor agreed with her, thinking it would be a 'improvement' on my current single status. "Sorry if I don't make it up to your expectation!" I snapped, throwing the bed sheet over me. Luckily, Connor and Lora spared me the teasing and let me sleep in peace.

In another room of the hotel, were Mavis and Jonny talking about Drac.

Mavis had some trouble to accept the situation, that I might be her new step-mother soon. It was the same with Ericka, as she and Drac had their date on the cruise ship. Jonny however couldn't wait for this to happen, "Don't worry honey. I am sure that N/A and Drac will be a perfect match for each other."

"But what is she disappoints my dad?...just like Ericka did."

"Out of question, N/A is nothing like Ericka! I am sure she won't hurt Drac's feelings."

Mavis wasn't convinced, "I don't want him to get hurt again."

Jonny took her in his arms, hugging her tight, "We will not know if we don't try it honey." She looked into her husband's eyes, nodding at him.

"Mommy, Daddy?" the couple looked into the direction.

Dennis stood there a little sad, "Is papa Drac angry at me?"

"What give you that idea?" asked Jonny surprised.

"Because Tinkles almost ate your friend"

Mavis hugged her son, telling him that his grandfather isn't angry at him at all. Dennis wanted to make it up to me for Tinkles behavior. Jonny finds it a good idea to give me a present as an apology. The little boy had already something in his mind. He went into his room and began to work on my present. Mavis and Jonny could only look at each other confused. They have no idea what Dennis had in mind.

It didn't take long for them to find out, as he went back to his parents.

"What do you think?" he asked his mother, holding a piece of paper up with a drawing on it. Unlike Mavis, Jonny loved it.

"I am sorry Dennis but...this might give her the wrong impression."

Jonny interrupted, "Nonsense, this is the best present ever!"

"No it isn't Jonny! Dennis honey, I don't think you should give this to her. Why don't you try to draw something else?"

Dennis nodded before dragging himself into his room. He fined the picture of me and papa Drac, holding hands and smiling at each other. He doesn't see the bad side, like his mother. On the table was another picture of this. The little vampire didn't want to draw another picture. He was sure that this is the best drawings ever. "I am sure Papa Drac and she will be happy when they get my drawings." With a happy smile, he sneaked out of his room...heading to his grandfather's bedroom.

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