Chapter 1

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||Just another uneventful day||

||Just another uneventful day||

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-MADMAX part I-

[Months later]

Pine woke from a light tap on her shoulder. When she opened her eyes she was startled to see Eleven's face inches away from hers. In fact, she was so startled she rolled over to get away, not realizing there was no more bed on that side. She was sent falling down to the hard wood floor, tangled up in blankets.

"GIRLS! ARE YOU OK?!" Hopper yelled at the loud noise

"ELEVEN!" Pine yelled annoyed causing El to run out the door laughing and Hopper to laugh along with her, knowing something happened.

Pine took a minute to untangle herself then chased El around the house until they heard Hopper call:

"Eggos ready!"

At that they ran to the table and sat in their chairs so quickly that El almost fell out of her chair. Pine laughed at this.

"What'd you do today El?" Hopper asked ruffling her short curly hair.

"She woke me up and when I opened my eyes her face was like, right there." Pine replied

El almost choked on her eggo, laughing.

"It was funny." She said

"And I thought one girl was a handful." Hopper replied

The three finished their breakfasts fairly quickly. Then Hopper got up.

"Ok, I've gotta go now. There's some food in the fridge. Pine, make sure El doesn't just eat eggos. El, make sure Pine doesn't only eat cheerios and chocolate." Pine and El frowned at Hopper "Don't give me that look. I'll be back at..."

"Five one five." El replied

"Yes, five fifteen. I'll message you if anything happens. Don't burn the house down while I'm gone. And the rules are..." Hopper instructed

"Always keep the curtains drawn." Pine recited plainly

"Only open the door if we hear your secret knock." El continued bordly

"Don't ever go out alone. ESPECIALLY not in daylight." Pine finished with no emotion

"And we follow these rules because..."

"They're the 'Don't be Stupid Rules'." Pine said

"And..." Hopper egged on

"We are not stupid." El finished

This was something they had to recite everyday. Obviously, neither girl enjoyed this part of the morning. It reminded them that they couldn't leave.

"Bye girls." Hopper said, hugging El and Pine then walking out the door, El locking it back with her mind once he'd left.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Pine asked bordley

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