Please 2! 8 - Who's more nervous?

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"It's a bad idea," Yuuto said, looking into Seiji' eyes. He did is best to sustain the serious expression, but also to keep the desperation out of his face.

Seiji only smiled at his boyfriend. "I don't see how."

Yuuto took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose, this time trying to keep his true emotions out of his voice. "I'll repeat. It's a really bad idea," he said slowly.

"And I say it again. I really can't see why it's a bad idea," Seiji said, maintaining the gaze, not bothering to hide how much he enjoyed his boyfriend's despair.

Still looking at Yuuto, he brought the mug to his lips and sipped his coffee, slurping as loud as he should. Then he turned to the woman by his side.

"Can you tell me why it'd be a bad idea for me to go, Yuuka-nee?"

"I'm trying, Seiji. I really. But I honestly cannot find any reason," Yuuto's sister agreed with him, bringing the steaming mug of tea to her lips to hide her smile.

"Perhaps he's ashamed of me. Probably that's why he doesn't want me to go." Seiji now ignored the teacher and talked only to Yuuka. "He told everyone that Yuuno had a boyfriend. But Yuuto is not ready to tell people..."

"You may be on to something..."

Yuuka nodded slowly, also not bothering to hide how much fun she was having teasing her little brother. With a long hum, she turned to the cosplayer and showed a serene expression. Then she turned back to Seiji.

"Or maybe it could be because of the age difference. Even though he loves you, he may see you only as a boy toy for now."

Yuuto blushed as he pressed his trembling lips. He had heard enough of that idiotic conversation and slammed his hands on the counter to get the attention back to him. They can tease me all they want, it's still not a good idea to let Seiji go with us to my grandparents!

"This has nothing to do with it," he said in a low and restrained voice. "And why are you two agreeing so much, huh? Since when did you two become such buddies? What do you two have in common?"

Seiji and Yuuka looked at each other and then turned to the cosplayer. "Making fun of you," they said in unison, both with serious expressions.

Then they turned to each other and laughed together.

Yuuto breathed slowly through his nose and pressed his eyes, trying to contain his growing anger. At the same time, he forced himself to think of any excuse he could use. One that his boyfriend and his sister couldn't use to make fun of him.

"Look... Seiji going with us for our hometown's festival is a bad idea, okay? Grandpa and grandma... they... I don't think they're ready to know about us. I mean, to truly know, you know?" he said to his boyfriend. "And can you imagine what the people will say? To us and to them? Better not go through that yet. And... and... there's also... that..."

Yuuto pressed his lips when he was out of ideas. Can't I think of anything else? Damn it! The literature teacher cursed, a bit disappointed with himself.

Seiji remained quiet for a while. Then he turned to Yuuka again.

"He must be pretty desperate to come up with those awful excuses, don't you think, sis?"

"I agree with Seiji-chan on this one little brother. Using the townspeople as excuse... aren't you forgetting they elected the first openly lesbian mayor? Don't think they're gonna mistreat your boyfriend."

"Yeah, but this and that have nothing to do!"

Yuuka stared at her with an empty expression.

"To me, it looks like you're just trying to exclude him," she said, shaking her head with a serious expression. But her façade lasted only a moment. Soon she cracked and laughed. "Oh, c'mon, Yuuto. Grandpa and grandma already know you're gay. In fact, I bet the whole town already knows by now. It's not like they didn't see those any of those articles and interviews about Yuuno. They invited Seiji because they want to meet your boyfriend personally."

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