Chapter 7

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I sat on Caden's bed while he was getting dressed for work. I looked at his tie before burying my face into his pillows. I really just wanted to stay in bed today. I'll work tomorrow.

"I'm going to to stay in bed today baby," I said.

"It's okay baby, give me a kiss so I can go." I groaned playfully and gave him a long kiss. I wiped his lip before kissing his lips again.

"Wow, you're amazing." I bit my lip and smiled as he left the room.

God damn. I might sleep with him.



I walked outside of my room and rubbed my eyes. I wasn't feeling completely happy but I knew I had to stop drinking. I threw away my extra bottles... and the little flask I had.

I walked to Beyoncé and Caden's room and knocked on the door.

"Yes?" I heard her ask.

"It's me... Onika." I held my breath as I went inside. I didn't wait for her to let me in. When I opened it, I expected her to be clothed but she wasn't. "I-I'm sorry..." I closed the door before cursing.

"It's okay, you can come in."

I slowly walked in, and saw her body again. I knew she was a bit comfy around me but I could still see her scars. She smiled at me before coming over to me.

"Did you drink anything today?"

"N-no..." I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and I felt it was disrespectful because she was with someone.

"I think tonight... I'm going to have sex with him." My jaw drops as she said that. Jealousy ran through my body.

"Please... don't do that. It's too early."

"I know... but have you seen what he's packing? Gosh I wanna do dirty things to him."

"Alright, you sure? Make sure you wear protection."

"I don't think I'll get pregnant."

"Now, you're talking stupid. You'll get pregnant again," I said. She smiled.

"Maybe I want to be." The serious look on her face made me shudder.

"Alright, if you do... I'll be there for you." I was tired of this conversation already.

"Thank you nika," She said and kissed my cheek before getting dressed. I watched as she put on a bra and a thong. I couldn't believe she was doing this. It hurt me on the inside.

"Do you love him?" I asked.

"I don't know yet."

Just great, she doesn't even love him yet. I would think she's using him.

"Are you using him?"

"No! I actually want to be with him. Onika please stop asking me questions. I didn't say anything about your relationship with Chris."

"Don't bring him up around me bey."

"Alright, then don't question me."

I sighed.

I really wish I had my flask. I wanted to forget again. Now, I can't admit I feel something for bey. I want the kind of attention Caden gets from bey. I want her to kiss me and hold me... but it'll never happen.

Tonight was going to be the night everything changed.


Short chapter, I hope you like it. Sorry for mistakes.💕

Do you think that Bey should have sex with Caden?

Would a baby make her happier?

Is she using him?

What do you think of Onika?


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