Chapter 14- Will you?

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Its going to be little longer...

#Shean pov#

Stretching sound of wheel broke the pin drop silence in the car indicating that we have reached our destination. Whole time we both were silent. Neither of us spoke a single word. And let's say it was not the comfortable type of silence. Tension in air was strong enough even for charles to notice. All the time I was thinking about saying something but I held my tongue inside my mouth thinking opposite. Whenever I open my mouth we jump into argument and his words effect me more than they should. What he said in the morning was still going inside my head and my heart feel sadness surrounding it whenever I remember it.

"Shean?" I heard my name begin called so I turned my head to look. Kai was staring at me and he look kind of pissed off? What have I done now? What is he? A pregnant woman? Then why did he have so many mood swings? Don't laugh I am serious!! I waited for him to continue but he kept glaring at me. Why? Can anyone explain? He inhaled sharp breath and said "We are going public today,so BEHAVE, and your sulking does not bother me so better stop it."and he went outside the car.

Who is sulking? Me? No. I am not. Does it look like it? Oh god!! Does I look like sulking? Am I avoiding him? Well I guess so but that's for total different reason. And I know well he don't care he didn't need to remind me every time. And what's with this behave thing always? I always behave good. And if he is not bothered then why is he pissed? He is the one who always boss around and.....why am I getting so worked up now? I let out the frustrated sigh and exited the car.

Number of flashlights blinded my vision and I unconsciously tugged to sleeve of another person standing beside me for help. I felt very  similar muscular hand circling my waist and then there were many sounds of shocked gasps and What? And Huh? Ignoring all the sounds Kai started pulling me along with him towards the entrance. And then as if everyone came out of shock many voices started to speak together.

Mr Kai Williams!!

Who is this person?

Is he your new business partner?

Is he your brother?

Why does it look like he is your date tonight?

At the last question I felt Kai stop. I opened my eyes to see and saw his face with blank expressions. Then he took mic from a women and said,

"Yes, he is my date tonight" he paused and look down at me smiling. At his smile my heart suddenly stopped beating. I heard many gasping sounds in background. The women must have tried to say something more because he spoke again,

"Other you will know at the end of tonight" he handed back the mic and once again pulled me along with him. I was letting him do whatever he wants because I was not able to think clear about what had just happened and my brain was still busy in processing everything.

Suddenly a grand entrance door kind of thing came in view and we entered a room, well more like a big ball room.
The room was decorated in a very elegant way in the theme of red and gold. There were like many people, don't ask me the count, there were just many of them wearing suits and beautiful dress drinking wine and chatting.

"Darling my wrist is going to get buries if you don't loosen your grip." Kai said in sweet voice smiling at me. My stomach did the Summersault at the mention of nick name. I loosen my grip and tried to create distance between us but he pulled me closer to him.

"Oh! Mr Williams is here." I heard a high pitch voice and with I felt hundreds of eyes staring in our direction. I felt the anxiety rise in me as I could feel most of them checking me up and down. I felt Kai tightening his grip on my waist in a little possessive way? Before I could open my mouth to complain I heard tapping of shoes coming our way. I lifted my gaze and saw my soon to be father in law approaching us. He stop in front of us with a cheerful smile.

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