XXI - Consecrated Water

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Consecrating: blessing something, making something holy

Consecrated water is water that is sacred (holy). It can be used in rituals or blessings, and for purifying a space. It can also represent the Element of Water on your altar. It's a useful tool especially if you can't use other purification methods like smudge or incense.

Making consecrated water is very easy, and there are many methods. Some are listed below, and you can pick your favorites.

- Moon water: the Moon's energy can be absorbed into the water. Leave a cup of water (can be tap water) in front of the window or outside so moonlight can shine on it (do this on a Full Moon if possible). Leave the cup for the night, and make sure sunlight does not shine on it. Cover the water with a piece of fabric or take it away from sunlight when the Sun rises.

- Sun water: equal to the Moon water method, except this time we're working with the Sun! Leave a cup of water outside or at a window so sunlight can shine on it, and make sure moonlight doesn't reach it. One day in the sun should be enough.

- Salt water: you need to consecrate your salt before putting it into the water. Place your hands above the salt and say words relating to consecration, such as:
"I cleanse and consecrate this salt,
may it enhance and purify all that it touches.
So mote it be."
Put a sprinkle of salt into the water. Stir it with your finger (clockwise). Visualize light going into the water and purifying it. Say:
"I cleanse and consecrate this water,
may it enhance and purify all that it touches.
So mote it be."
You can also mention the names of your deities if you wish.
Use salt water especially for banishing spirits (don't use it if you want to meet spirits).

- Sea water: believed to be extremely pure and sacred, as it's completely natural. If you're near an ocean, collect some into a bottle. You may wish to leave an offering as thanks, or say a blessing. (Note: lake water counts too!)

- Rain/storm water: if you notice a storm starting or it begins to rain, place a container outside so it collects the water. Storm water is considered especially powerful. Rain water works for fertility and abundance.

- Spring water: if there's a natural spring nearby, collect some water from it. Spring water can be used for purification and protection.

- Dew: early in the morning, you'll be able to collect water from the leaves of plants. Head outside before the Sun has risen high. Morning dew can be used for beauty and healing spells.

- Well water: if you have a well, its water can be used for fertility and abundance. Don't add salt if you plan to use the water for your garden or house plants.

- Crystal purification: crystals can be used to purify the water. Shungite is a common crystal for purification, and you can also use obsidian, clear quartz, selenite, fluorite, or smoky quartz. Place the crystal in the water or next to the container for a day. Then consecrate it by for example saying:
"I cleanse and consecrate this water,
may it enhance and purify all that it touches.
So mote it be."
Imagine a white light going into the water and consecrating it.

NOTE: However you collect your water, if you feel the need to say some words above it, go ahead. Better safe than sorry!

"Consecrated Water for Ritual", author: Patti Wigington, site: thoughco.com

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