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Yeonha's POV

"Just go away!"

Those were the last words I heard before I started running. The raindrops hitting the floor made all the sounds inaudible except those of the sirens of the police cars.

I woke up, breathing heavily. She was sleeping beside me soundly, while the raindrops hit the cemetery ground. Cold breeze didn't affect her much, but gave me goosebumps.

I got up from the bed and stood in front of the window, slightly opening it. 3 o'clock it was. A storm again, and quite similar to the one which happened that night. I couldn't control it anymore and my sobs woke her up.

I rushed back to the bed and took her in my arms, swinging her. My tears wet her cheeks a bit.

I slowly hummed a lullaby as I closed my eyes firmly.

"Just go away!"

I kept running until my legs gave up. I fell and my bulging belly hit the ground. I yelled, but there was no one to help me on that silent street. "Help!" I shouted again. Water dripped down my legs and all I could do was lay there, waiting for someone.

The pain didn't let me be patient enough. I kept on changing postures while getting wet in the rain, laying on the wet street. Suddenly, a dim yellow light caught my attention through my blurry vision.

"Get up child, let's go." She said as she helped me get up, holding one of my arms. "Ajhumma, I can't do it anymore. Just leave me and go away." I told that old lady, but she just kept on walking, holding my arm with one hand and a candle with another.

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked around. I could feel her presence around. The baby was asleep, I kept her on the bed and exited the room, just to enter another one, with a huge portrait on the wall. I sat on a rocking chair, which was beside the fireplace.

"Ajhumma, are you there?" I whispered, closing my eyes again as a few drops of crystal tears escaped my eyes.

"Ajhumma, I can't do it." I said, pushing hard while laying on the bed of her house, which was located in a cemetery ground. "And somewhere inside my heart, I wish this baby dies-" "shush!" She put a finger on my lips. "Don't lose hope, stay calm." She confronted.

After hours of trying, I had lost all hopes and just threw my head back, desperately crying in pain. "Ajhumma! I can't do it!" I yelled, sobbing. Suddenly, a cry filled the silence of the room and I saw a little figure in Ajhumma's hand.

It was Y/N.

She handed her to me as I calmed her. "Ajhumma, thank you so much." I cried. "I won't trouble you anymore. I will leave now." I told her. "No! You have to stay here forever, just for Y/N, Stay!" All of a sudden I heard that name. That was what Ajhumma named her.

The baby started crying soon as I hurriedly swung her to calm her down. I got so engaged in her that I didn't notice Ajhumma slowly backing away. I only heard a whisper. Her whisper.

"Stay in Storms."

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked around. "Ajhumma? Are you there?" I asked, yet no reply, as always. I could hear those whispers again, or was it just a hallucination?

What did that even mean?

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