Chapter 9

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Lauren's P.O.V.

Since finding out Aiden is mine I've had to fill out some paperwork for legal reasons and sign his birth certificate. Since he needs to go to the doctor for school I have to get him insurance and all this other shit. I've redone my living room completely. I now have red furniture and a black carpet because the jelly incident fucked up the white one completely. The jelly incident was when Aiden decided he wanted a jelly sandwich I guess. He decided to make it on his own and eat it on the carpet and I don't mean on a plate on the floor, the floor was his plate. There was jelly everywhere that day. The counter, the floor, the carpet, the couch, the coffee table, the remote and his hair along with the rest of his body. How one kid can do all that damage, I don't know. I took a 10 minute shower and that is what I found when I returned. The games and things are gone and now in his room.

His birthday is this week and I have no idea what I should get him. I know I'm buying him a bike, some action figures, he asked for some tablet they have for kids so I'll get that. I got him some crayons and coloring guess that's all really. I think I'll read some books to him. We've been working on writing his name these past few days and it's been a little difficult because he didn't know his ABC's yet but he's getting the hang of it. Writing his first name is good but that fucking Cabello is kicking his ass. If it were Jauregui he'd be fine. Maybe I should have that changed? I think I will. I've been teaching him a little math too, luckily he can count. He knows one plus one and two plus two but anything else confuses him.

My mom is determined to teach him Spanish through Skype. When I told her, she and my dad wanted to come right out here but they're actually coming tomorrow. I wanted some time with him to myself and I'm glad their coming because I go back to work Monday and I need someone to stay with him in the daytime. He loves my parents and he loves talking to them and I'm sure they feel the exact same way. His birthday is actually only two days away and he's excited.

Ally suggested I give him a party but I don't know anyone with kids and he doesn't really have any friends yet but then she made a very good point, he can still have a party with just the adults in his life. So I called Chuck E. Cheese and I set something up for him. Surprisingly we haven't been there yet.

Hanna has been around a lot more lately and I'm glad. I did miss her and she's been working really hard. She told me about some fabrics from India or Indonesia or some shit. I wasn't paying attention so much but she kept naming all these other countries and it was either people were going there, from there or it was some fabric. I like that she's passionate about her work but it doesn't interest me at all. She and Aiden are actually in the kitchen doing something with some chocolate. It was only to distract him while I ordered his birthday cake.

"What are you two in here doing?" I say as I walk towards them. Apparently she let him make a sundae. His has vanilla and strawberry ice cream, gummy bears, sprinkles, chocolate syrup drizzled on top of whipped cream and a cherry. I didn't even know I had all that in my kitchen.

"We made sundaes. You want one?" Hanna asks as she sucks some chocolate from her finger. I shake my head and she shrugs. Aiden grabs his and goes to the island. He uses his step stool to get in the chair and sits before taking a big spoonful of his sundae into his mouth.

"If he throws up, you're cleaning it up."

"He'll be fine. What kid doesn't like ice cream?" She says and puts some whipped cream on her sundae. When she finishes she wipes the extra from the nozzle with her finger and holds her finger out to me. I suck and lick the whipped cream from her finger and she bites her lip.

"He better be fine." I say and peck her lips before smacking her ass and going to sit next to Aiden. Hanna sits next to me and they eat their ice cream.

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