After a few hours of working with Jonathan, Lilah had found him to be quite pleasant. He had even complimented her. To be completely honest, she was beginning to like him- granted, when she said there was a lot of reasons not to like him, she wasn't lying. There still were a lot of things she hated about him- but all of those little things just seemed to be pushed aside when she was with him. 

"You seem to actually know what you're doing now." Jonathan smiled, watching her carefully as she mixed the liquids together to create a white type of paste that was the beginning of Fear Gas. She only knew how to mix the ingredients together and prepare it for Jonathan to then create Fear Gas, but he swore that her presence helped. 

"I have a good teacher." She replied, bending down to peer through the clear glass jar. As she stood upright, Jonathan moved behind her placing both his hands over hers, causing Lilah to stiffen as he peered over her shoulder, 

"If you stir like this, it won't clog up." He whispered, demonstrating a couple times before he stepped back away from her and Lilah stopped holding her breath. 

"Got it..." She murmured, her eyes focused on what she was doing. She didn't understand how he could do that. How in only a few seconds he could send her heart racing. 

"Lilah." Looking over her shoulder at Jonathan she raised her eyebrow in question at him, 

"I suggest we return upstairs. I believe someone is trying to call me." He frowned, glancing down at his black flip phone. Giving a small nod, Lilah stopped stirring and made her way with Jonathan back up the stairs where, without fail the phone started to ring as they came into reception, 

"Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Crane... Of course.... Mmmhmm... He slit his writs?....I had no idea he was arrested... Last night?.... Of course... I can be there in fifteen minutes.... Thank you..."  Hanging up the phone, he turned his attention to Lilah as they walked out of the Asylum, "We need to go to the Gotham Police Department." He said. "It appears a masked man helped Jim Gordon arrest your stepfather." 

"Carmine has been arrested?" Lilah questioned.

"Yes. Apparently he's 'slit' his wrists. He's trying to get the Insanity plea." He told her. 

"Blackgate Prison is the last place Carmine wants to be." She murmured, "A lot of the prisoners are in Blackgate because of him..." 

"If the police interrogate him, there is a very high chance that he will tell them about Ra's and my plans. While I go and see him. I want you to go and get us some employees." Jonathan smiled, "Now that Carmine has been arrested, his men will go to other gangs. If you can control them and get them to work for us, it will make our work a lot faster." He said. 

"I know where they'll be." She smirked. "I'll meet you at your house when I'm finished." Lilah said turning away from Jonathan.

"Lilah." Looking over her shoulder, Lilah raised her eyebrow, "Be careful." Flashing a smile, she gave him a nod before walking in the opposite direction. The warehouse was close to the docks, it would be a fairly long walk, but she quite enjoyed the long walks. 

After walking for just under forty-five minutes, the Warehouse came into view, as did several men holding hand-guns. As she approached the Warehouse, the men held their guns at her, 

"Who are you?"

"Lilah Doute." She answered, walking towards them calmly, "Carmine Falcone's Stepdaughter." The middle man, who had black hair gave her a nod, 

"Yeah? Is that so?" 

"Would you like to see I.D?" She asked sarcastically, raising her eyebrow at him. The man scoffed, 

"I know you're Lilah. But the question is, are you like your brat of a brother?" Clenching her fists, she narrowed her eyes, 

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh? You don't know?" The man sneered, "Mercious is a cop in Gordon's unit now. He was present when Carmine was found after that freak in the Bat costume got 'im." Looking down, Lilah frowned, that would explain his relationship with Barbara. 

"I can assure you I'm not a cop. I have work for everyone in that warehouse." She said, 

"You want to take over the Falcone business?" He asked looking around at the other two men that both sniggered. Glancing at each of them in turn, Lilah punched him in the nose and as he cradled his bleeding nose, she drove her knee into his stomach before snatching the gun away from him and holding it against his forehead, while the two men stared at her in disbelief, 

"I want to go into that warehouse." She said, looking down at him. She had never killed anyone in her life and only six months ago, she wouldn't have ever wanted to hurt anyone. Now, she was holding a man's life in her hands and had no problems with taking it away just to make a point. 

"You stupid bitch." Clicking the gun, she loaded it, only a small squeeze on the trigger would end his life, looking at the other two, she smiled, 

"Is this man your friend?" She asked, both of them nodded, glaring at her with a red hot hatred in their eyes. 

"He's my brother." One of them answered. 

"Well, if you don't put down your guns and let me into that Warehouse, I'm going to shoot him. Do we understand?" She said slowly as to make sure they fully understood. 

"Just shoot the bitch!" The first man cried. Sighed, Lilah moved the gun and fired a shot into his left shoulder. As the man screamed in pain, clutching his bleeding arm, she turned the gun onto the man's brother, 

"Your turn. Let me in, or I shoot." Staring at her for a few more seconds, he gave her a nod moving towards the metal door and opening it, allowing her to walk in. Looking around the large warehouse, she saw that it was filled with men and women, all yelling at each other. At the head of the warehouse on top of a large crate stood a familiar man she had never wanted to see again in her life. The man had light auburn hair and green eyes and wore a white dress shirt with black slacks, a smirk on his face as his eyes roamed the area. She had known the man well in their youth, he was a rich boy that used to play with her at the playground near the docks. He was the one she shared her secrets with and vice versa. Now, he was no more than a dangerous stranger. No one else knew of this. No one but her. In reality, he had killed both his parents, inheriting the fortune, all the while blaming Bruce Wayne and his parents for the life he had. To Gotham, he was a recognized neurologist possessing a genius level intellect. As she pushed through the crowd, Lilah made her way towards the crate where the man sat, humming a soft tune to himself while the crows continued to scream at each other. His reasons for being here was hard to attempt to deduce. As soon as she caught his eye, he smiled, slipping off of the crate and walking towards her, 

"Hello, Li." He smiled. Lilah stared at him, it was him. It was definitely him. The same innocent smile. The same eyes that would light up every time he saw her. But he was insane. She knew it and so did he. The funny thing was she wasn't exactly sane anymore either. 

"Hello, Tommy." She replied, her eyes locked onto Thomas Elliot who tilted his head at her. 

Authors Note: THOMAS ELLIOT! HUSH! Guys, if you don't know who Hush is... I'm going to be so sad. He is an actual villain who was Bruce Wayne's best friend. 

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