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"Alright since yall always wonderin shit, imma tell it straight. Kayliee is my girl bruh. Her and Jas are cordial and thats all i need. Jas told me that as long as im happy blah blah blah all that shit. So im good she good and they good. Peace love yall."

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ybnnahmir: We good aight muthafuckas💞👌

User1: i smell suspicious activities goin on round this muthafucka

User2: mhm

User3: you should have me anyways😉😏😍

User4: ew

User5: that hoe look like a ape

User6: im tired of yo shit nigga😂

ybnmanny: 👍🏻💪🏻

User7: that hoe is a non factor get with the program

User8: are you gon be on wild n out
    ybnnahmir: yes with Jas💞

User9: yasss bitch we finna get that good content^

User10: where Jas at under this post? And i dont see her like. Unsual activity 🤔🤔🤔

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