day one, ten pm.

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i rubbed my chin as i looked at the map in front of me. it had taken me nearly an hour to set everything in place, and the clock was ticking.

i had finally received the last piece of information that i needed. i was able to pinpoint every single one of their locations, and after a few calculations, i had prioritized them based on flight risk, pattern behaviors, urgence and time efficiency. i was determined for my plan to go as smoothly as possible.

of course, there's nothing smooth about killing people. but it was necessary.

i eyed the pins i had placed on the various locations i knew they would be in. all six of them. by now, they had probably heard what had happened to the seventh, or maybe they hadn't, which could play to my advantage.

still, a part of me wished they had. a part of me wished they would have nightmares, knowing i would inevitably be coming for them. that i would inevitably catch them just like i did with their brother.

they had taken every single thing i held most dear away from me. my family, my world, my sanity, my love. they had completely shattered my world, and i wouldn't give up until theirs was crumbling in ashes right before their very eyes.

the scar on my left temple seemed to burn as my thoughts consumed me. as if reminding me that i needed to get the job done, before i could find peace myself.

i had nothing to lose, and they knew it. which is why they feared me, and feared when i would finally seek out my revenge. letting me live had been their very first mistake.

grabbing a red pen, i slowly started drawing my path, as well as the schedule that i needed to fulfill. my next target was less than half an hour away, according to the intel i was able to retrieve. and if i was lucky enough, which i sure was, i knew exactly where he would be.

my hands trembled in excitement. i had never thought that killing someone would give me such a thrill. but after what i had done the previous night, i had never felt better. a small laugh escaped my lips, thumb brushing across them as i contemplated the picture right next to the pin.

you better be enjoying the last few breaths you're going to take.

grabbing my jacket, i quickly put it on and pulled the fully charged weapon from inside a shoe box tucked carefully underneath the bed. stuffing it in my pocket, i also grabbed my keys and headed downstairs.

i was on a schedule. i was sure that, by eleven pm, he would be leaving the diner and heading home. that was the perfect opportunity to catch him, and i had to move quickly.

i was moving so quickly that i didn't notice the red haired girl running straight into me, until she fell flat on her butt on the floor.

"ouch! watch it!" she groaned, rubbing her behind as she looked up. her eyes widened slightly as she realized what she had said, cupping her mouth. "i'm sorry sir, i didn't mean to be--"

"nonsense, it was my fault," i sighed, offering her my hand to take. she looked at it in doubt, before finally accepting it and letting me help her up. "i was the one who didn't look at where i was going."

"hm, sure," she fixed the apron, a new item of clothing i hadn't seen her in before.

she noticed my curiosity, arching her eyebrow. "i'm also the cook, remember? i'm preparing a few snacks from one of the usual guests."

"i see," i nodded, eyeing the door. she was right in my way, and it was a narrow passage towards the front door. of course, i could just shuffle past her, but i didn't want to seem too rude.

rudeness could arise suspicion, and something told me that this girl was already suspicious as is.

"oh, sorry," she shook her head, pressing her back to the wall to let me through.

letting out a small chuckle, i shook my head. "goodnight, miss."

"miyeon," she muttered, yet loud enough for me to hear. "that's my name, not miss."

"i will keep that in mind," flashing her a smile, i pushed past the door and into the cold air of the night.

and as i walked to my car, i found myself thinking how good red really did look on her.

almost as good as the red blood of my enemies looked in my hands.

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