day one, eleven am.

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i knew i wasn't supposed to be doing this. i mean, what sort of sane person would come looking for a man who had seemingly just shot something dead?

especially when one of the terms of our agreement had clearly been that no one would be stepping into the first floor.

taking in a deep breath, i contemplated whether i should have written a will before knocking on his door and accusing him of killing something. but then again, i didn't have much, so a will wouldn't exactly be necessary.

my fist raised just next to my head and i knocked on the wooden door three times. i heard some shuffling coming from the inside, my throat getting drier by the second.

the door was pulled back just a bit, enough for me to see one very dark iris boring straight into my own.

"what? i said i didn't need cleaning, and that i'd prefer if nobody came here," he nearly spat the words in my face.

furrowing my eyebrows, i squinted my eyes. "well, that was before you shot a bird dead right in front of me."

he seemed taken aback by my words. did he really think no one would hear? no one would notice?

"you're the receptionist, right?" he asked, opening the door just a tiny bit more.

his hand rested on the door frame, leaning his head to the side as he looked at me up and down.

and the sort of look he was giving me... made a chill run up my spine.

he was handsome, there was no doubt in that. the sort of handsome that could potentially become dangerous, because he'd have you wrapped around his finger the minute he wanted it to happen. i found myself wondering what sort of mysteries he was.

"receptionist, maid, cleaner, cook, plumber, electrician, you name it, i do it," i shrugged, trying to play the situation cool. at least, i managed to hide the fact that the intense stare was making me go weak in the knees.

just kidding, i was a nervous mess, which he seemed to notice. and when i was nervous, i rambled.

thankfully, the stern expression on his face turned into a smirk. "well, receptionist-maid-cleaner-cook-plumber-electrician girl, did anyone hear that besides you?"

"my sister did, but i covered for your ass and said it was some hunter in the woods," i confessed.

and now that i thought about it, i really had no idea why i had covered for someone who was a stranger like him.

"good," he smiled. "now if you'll excuse me."

without another word, he slammed the door in my face. letting out a gasp, i knocked on it once more.

"no, i will not excuse you, sir!" i groaned in frustration.

this time, i had no reply.

"just so you know, mister, it's common courtesy not to shoot things in other people's places, i mean i figured i didn't have to say this, but apparently your moral compass is a bit off," i spoke a bit louder, meaning for him to hear it.

yet, i didn't have a reply once again. instead, all i could hear was the faint echo of his laughter.

and it seemed... evil.

with a groan, i stomped downstairs and grabbed the cleaning supplies i had left behind. it was frustrating to meet a person like him, and to not be able to read him in the slightest.

what kind of person would just shoot something as pure and innocent as a bird?

and what kind of person was i to be interested by him, and not run away scared like i should?

what was meeting him turning me into?

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