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Jaemin groaned while he rolled around on the couch in the living room. He was so bored and there was nothing to do. Everyone was busy doing their own thing around the dorm or out doing some important thing like training.

It was a Sunday which made it even worse, nothing happened on Sunday. He only groaned louder, hoping to grab someone's attention. To which he did.

"Shut the hell up," someone shouted from the other room.

Jaemin huffed and crossed his arms, resting his head on them. "Rude much..." he muttered.

Someone different walked into the living room, stopping once they saw Jaemin. "What are you doing? Are you really that bored?"

Jaemin looked up at the owner of the voice and groaned once more, "yesss...please unbored me Jeno."

Jeno laughed and went to sit next to Jaemin, "that's not a word, and I can't make you not bored."

"Yes you can," Jaemin smiled brightly while sitting up, facing his friend. "Who's turn was it?"

Jeno thought for a second, "oh that, I think it was yours."

"I dare you to entertain me!" Jaemin laughed evilly.

"What– that's not fair Jaemin!" Jeno whined, furrowing his eyebrows.

Jaemin grinned and nodded, "oh but it is. That's how the game works, now entertain me, make me not bored, do whatever it takes."

Jeno glared at Jaemin for a few seconds before he just gave in and sighed. "Fine, give me ten minutes, and get changed."

"Changed? Why?"

"Do you want me to make you not bored or what," Jeno got up from the couch and left the room, leaving Jaemin sitting there very confused.

"Author, you have two unfinished stories out still. Why are you starting a new one?"

Nomin makes me soft okay–

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