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Jas's P.O.V.

"Wassup yall im back with another video. As you can see we inna hotel cause Nahmir on tour, and im with him, but anyways im bout to prank his ass. He aint here right now because he at wendys gettin us some food.

So the prank im bout to do is gone be i dont wanna be yo bestfriend no more prank. We gon try to see how he react. The only problem is ion know where to put the camera at.

Oh i know imma put it on top of the tv dresser thingy.", i say to the camera. I set the camera up on the dresser thingy. "Aight yall so i set it up. Im bout to go lay on the bed and look all upset and angry slash sad or whatever ya know. Aight lets go."

About 37 minutes later, Nahmir came back. I was so nervous to do this prank. Its my first one and ion wanna laugh and i also dont know how he gon react

"Here go yo food.", he said passin me my food. "Nahmir i gotta talk to you." Uh oh here we go.

"About what?"
"Ion wanna be yo bestfriend no more."

He laughed. "Girl stop lyin."
"Im dead ass serious why you laughin. Ion wanna talk to you, see you, or even breathe the same air as you no more.", i said. Im tryin so hard not to laugh.

"What the fuck? Where the fuck did this shit come from?"

He real mad. Im fuckin scared goddamn.

"Like i just feel like you not real. I feel like you been bein fake. You always tryna change when you in front of the boys like boi.", i said.

He stood up and got in my face while i was still sittin up on the bed. "Please tell me how the fuck in bein fake?! Because i really wanna know! I treat you the same fuckin way with the boys and you know that!", he said. He backed up and walked in front on the bed lookin fustrated.

Im so scared bro. "Im really fuckin confused right now. Like howww?"

"I just dont wanna be yo friend no more. I mean there is really nothin you can do about that.", i said.

"Well then why THE FUCK are you still here!!?!! Like damn! You keep on sayin shit like get the fuck out! How you gon tell me some shit and still sit here like you aint just tell me some STUPID ASS SHIT!", he said.

I dont know if i should tell him or not yet. But all i know is im tryin not to laugh.

"Where am i gon go if i leave!", i yelled to make it seem real.


I snuck up while he was still yellin not payin attention to me. I grabbed the camera while he was still yellin and tapped his shoulder.

"WHAT THE FU- bruh why you got the camera?"

"I just pranked yo stupid ass. How you feel?"

"Bro yo ass play too damn much. Got me out here yellin makin a fool of myself on camera! Bruh omg!", he said.

I side hugged him. "I love you Nickkkkk.", I said teasingly. "Girl what is wrong with you?"

"Say it back dumbie!" He laughed but said it back and gave me a hug.

"Imma get yo ass back too watch. Imma get yo ass so good you gon be cryin out period blood from yo asshole.", he said. What the fuck is this dude sayin.

I laughed. "Bro what the fuck do you be sayin?"

"Ion know but just know imma get yo ass."

"Anyways yall this is the end of this video. I got Nahmir ass. He was bout to cry like a lil ass baby--"

"Girlll stop pla--"

"ANYways yall Nahmir is saltier than a bitch, but i love him and i would never ever leave his dirty ass." I cut him off and he grunted. After i finished sayin that i went over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Anywho well see yall later, Peace!"


Uh oh

He was so madddd

They like each other you can tell

Awww the end


Bruh he was yellin so much

Awwww they love each other

True friends

I wonder what prank he gon do

Damn this was funny

Im dead

I love them

Why she got on them little ass shorts

They look tired

Aww she on tour with him

I wonder how she feel about Kaylie and how Kaylie feel about her. Even thought Jas and Nahmir only bestfriends they be actin like a couple sometimes. And Nahmir never post Kaylie or even like her pics but its diferent with Jas

I lovee them


They are my life

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You can really tell the chemistry but i guesssss


Im shocked

Shooketh to the core


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