Chapter Two

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When Draco and I walked into Madam Malkin's to buy robes, we happened to see Harry Potter. Now, I hate Potter for one reason, actually for many reasons, but for now, I will just narrow down his injustices to only one. Harry Potter destroyed my father and ruined his reputation, thus losing hundreds of followers. When Father killed this Potter boy's parents, (they deserved it, she was a Mudblood, and he ruined the pure-blood line of Potters by marrying a Mudblood) Father then tried to kill Potter. But stupid Potter survived, leaving only a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his head. Potter is now a worldwide phenomenon, supposedly, for apparently killing off Father.

But Father isn't dead, everyone just wants him dead, because they are jealous of his many accomplishments. He is probably hiding somewhere, planning who his next victim will be. He told me that he will watch over me whilst I'm at Hogwarts, so that Potter kid or anybody else doesn't try to hurt me. If someone hurts me, Father hurts them, most likely by killing them or their family.

I give Potter a death glare and whisper in Draco's ear, telling him a half-blood is near. Potter greets Draco and I, clearly not knowing who we are, as stupid as he is. I heard he was sent to live with his Mudblood mother's sister, and her family. Serves him right, now he has to live with Muggles. I say nothing and glare at him even more. I'm well-known for my death glares.

Draco starts talking to me about Hogwarts, loudly enough for Potter to hear.

"Hey Potter!" I yell at him.
He snaps his head up instantly.
"How did you know my name?" He asks idiotically.
"Wow, you're stupider than your parents."
"How do you know my parents?"
"Well, my father, as grand as he is, once visited your parents' house. When he was there, BOOM! your traitorous father is lying dead on the ground. Then BOOM! Your Mudblood mother is lying dead on the ground."
"You heard me, idiot"
"Where was I?"
"How come I know more about your parents than you do?"
"I don't know"
"You were in Mudbloods arms, when Father told the silly prick to step aside so he could kill you. But no, she would rather die than have you killed. So BOOM! She is dead.
"So my parents died at the hands if your father?"
"Yes, isn't it obvious, pea brain?"
"Ohhh," gasped the shopkeeper, pointing at me.

Draco and I just glared at her, until she fled the store screaming.

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