Chapter 13 (Tae and Kook Pt.2)

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Taehyung's POV~~~

Flashback (Saturday)

Previously ~

"Well, hyung (Y/N) said that when you both went to the park, you tried to take advantage of her and then you started to stalk her. Hyung she is very angry and pissed at you. She said she hates you and do not want to see you ever again." At this point, I feared my eyes might come out of their sockets.

Present ~

How could (Y/N) say that? I never ever try to take advantage of her. It is true that I started to like her when we were in the park, but why would I do that.

"Jungkook I promise that I never did that. You believe me right?" "Hyung she was crying very hard. Why would a girl lie in such kind of matter?" "There could be a misunderstanding Kook"

Kook stared me for a while but then said and broke my heart into pieces. "Hyung I really like her please stay away from her. I still couldn't believe you!"

With that, he left. I can feel tears brimming in my eyes and my fever returning to me. Even if we consider she had a misunderstanding about the stalker, but I really didn't take any advantage of her.

Now she hates me so do Jungkook. What have I done? The two people I love the most hate me. Great work Taehyung! I was crying by now.

Flashback (Sunday)

I couldn't sleep properly last night without having nightmares. My fever has returned and my condition has worsened because my heart is feeling grosser. I never did that to (Y/N). Why the hell they blame me.

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