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Third person:

They both walk slowly since they've made it half way. Todoroki wasn't planning on going round another 2 times since he was tired. Bakugou was just angry and stomped on gravel making it turn into fine bits of dirt ( ?? ).

Todoroki's PoV:

Bakugou seemed out of it, yes we were walking around the school property but it looked like if you were to touch him he would snap and start screaming. I decided to leave him alone, since that would be better for both of our sakes.

We continue walking and skipped a few bits. I went inside my pocket to look for my phone but to my surprise it wasn't there. Guess I'll have to ask him then.

" do you have your phone on you? " I asked.
He ignored me or well didn't notice me. He was deep in thought and I just let him be.

Bakugou stopped. I turn around after a few seconds of walking in front of him.

" we should blast through the window to get inside " he looks up at me with his usual half annoyed expression.
" no " I replied back.
" well...WHAT DO YOU-" he snarled/shouted.
" quiet "
He huffs " what do you think we should do then.
" knock on the door "
It was pretty obvious that mina would probably still be awake since she was the one who told us to do this and the other people as well should be awake. Hopefully.

We carry on walking until we are at the dorm house. I knock on the door 3 times with a firm and loud knock.
There was no reply.

" ugh let me knock " Bakugou pushes me out the way and stepped in front of the door. Instead of knocking he kicked the door 4 or 5 times before slamming his body weight on the door.

" don't tell me everyone's gone to sleep and left us here" I sigh.
" I'm killing pikachu, naked girl, raccoon eyes and the other extras that were there" he scowls punching the door a few times.

" let's just blast through the window"
He smirks and starts walking over to one.
He lets out a small explosion before punching the window with one big one. Little does he know that the building is made out of a material that can't be broke unless the person who built it uses their own quirk on it.
I explain it to him and he stop kicking the building and sighing.

" looks like we have to sleep outside" I say and make my way to the back of the building as he follows me.

The next chapter will be kind of lemon and fluff probably because when I write smut I start laughing.
It's currently morning so I'll get maybe another one out today but not guaranteed.

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