14: All that matters is (Y/n)

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Your Point of View

Lance and I...


Keith stops dead in his tracks.

My hands reach to my mouth.

My eyes trail down Keith's figure to his hands, they're balled into fists...

A low growl emits from him.

My eyes glance back up to the screen... my hands snake up Lance's neck, his wrapped around my waist.

"Keith... I-"

He whips around to look at me. An insane gaze sends a shiver down my spine. His lips curl up to bare his gritted teeth.

It starts off as a low growl and grows into a raged battle cry. Keith spins back towards the control room and charges in.

"KEITH! NO!" My feet instantly run after him. His motivation, far greater than mine, causes him to out race me. With a strong kick, he bursts into the room.

A short scream comes from Lance, Hunk and Pidge.

Lance, with wide eyes, tries to play it off, "H-hey b-buddy, whats u-"

"Cut the shit Lance," Keith takes hold of his BoM dagger, gets in a fighting stance and awakens it, "You fucking traitor. You KNEW how I felt-"

I stand to side, "KEITH!" His head whips towards me. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! HE DIDN'T MEA-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! DON'T ACT YOU'RE INNOCENT!" Pain laces his words, "I trusted you...... I.... I loved you..."

"Keith.... I.."

"I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" He turns to Lance, "Now as for you, ...fight."

Lance shakes his head, "Keith I'm not gonna fight you..."


The words hit me like a thousand bullets... Tears stream down my face but I stand still.

Lance clenches his jaw, deep in thought. He sighs and pulls his bayard out from his pocket. It flashes blue and turns into... a sword?

Lance blinks his eyes at it, obviously surprised.

Keith's grip tightens on his blade... he's about to attack.

"WAIT!" Everyone's eyes turn towards me.

I take a deep breath, wipe my tears and step forward, "I REFUSE to let ANYONE fight over me! I AM NOT SOME PRIZE! BOTH OF YOU, STAND DOWN NOW!"

Keith stares at me for a moment and turns his head back to Lance. Lance looks at me, looks down and readys himself for a fight.

"Fine. If you're going to fight over and for me?" I pull my BoM dagger out and awaken it, "I'll fight for my fucking self."

I stand aligned in a triangle formation to them.

They both sigh, "(Y/N), no."

"Oh now it's not just fighting over me huh? Now it's trying to force me out of fighting for myself? I think the fuck not. I'd rather die fighting for myself then watch others tear themselves apart for me."

They shake their heads with a grim look and ready themselves again.

Keith starts it, lunging at Lance. Lance blocks his blow with his sword.
I tackle Keith to the ground.
Lance pushes me off him and tries to punch Keith in the face.
Keith kicks him back with both of his feet.
Keith manages to jump onto Lance and punch him in the face two times.
I go to roundhouse kick Keith in the side, he grabs my foot and Lance takes the opportunity to punch him off.
Keith is knocked off Lance and the impact made him push my foot back.
I fall on the ground and my blade slides across the room.
My hands push me up and I chase after it.
Keith uppercuts Lance in the face.
Blood drools out his nose into his mouth. In response, he spits it at Keith.
Keith wipes his face with disgust, his anger obviously tripled.
He screams and throws a right hook at Lance.
Lance catches his hand and knees him in the stomach.
He pushes his hand away and keeps punching him in the stomach.
Blood fires from his mouth with each hit.
Keith kicks Lance away from him and holds his stomach with his free hand.
He coughs up a shitload of blood.
Keith wipes his mouth, smearing the red substance on the back of his hand.
Lance smirks and wipes his nose.

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