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This is a request from my good friend hufflepuffturtle . I hope everyone likes it; I had a bit of trouble putting the plot together.
Warning: GOOD OL' GORE


I gasped for air as I finally slaughtered the last spider. I clutched my stomach. My eyes widened as I realized that there were four giant, deep puncture wounds from the fangs of the spider. My thoughts flashed back to when I got in a fight with a huge spider and it grappled its fangs around me. I frowned and quickly took a spare blanket and tied it around myself. I need to see if Y/N is okay first. I can deal with my injuries later. Y/N has always meant simply everything to me. I looked around the clearing and searched around the spider corpses. In the distance I heard a faint 'Legolas!' Swallowing down the throbbing pain in my abdomen, I ran towards the source of the noise.

Y/N gave a half-hearted smile as she saw me. I could tell in her watering e/c eyes that she was in extreme pain. Her leg was twisted to an awkward angle and her had several deep puncture marks on either of her arms. Her light green tunic was starting to stain a deep red. My eyes brimmed with worry as I gazed at her.

"Hey Legolas," Y/N croaked weakly. She tried to stand up, but her leg jolted and she fell with a grunt. I rapidly grabbed her arm and looked sternly yet with love into her eyes.

"Y/N you're hurt. We need to get back to the Mirkwood palace. From here, it should be about 3 miles." We had originally went out in the forest to ride our horses, but they took off when a huge group of spiders came, so we were rather deserted. None of the guards knew that we were out.

"What about you, Legolas? Aren't you injur-"

"Never mind that. I'm fine. It looks like your leg is broken, and you're bleeding a lot. We need to get you treated as soon as possible. Here, take my arm, Y/N. I'll support you," I gave her my strong, sturdy arm while keeping my other arm around my waist. I can't let her know about my injuries. She'll flip out. Y/N took my arm and huffed, grimacing with pain as I hoisted her up.

"You okay?" I gently asked her, my warm breath making her e/c slightly ripple. Her face became tinted red. I smirked slightly. No matter what, it seemed like I was always able to make her blush, even though we had been courting for awhile.

"Yeah... I guess. And quit smirking Legolas. I can't help it that I blush,"

"I'd blush too if I was courting the hottest prince in Middle-earth," I jested. Y/N playfully rolled her eyes at me.

"Shut up, Leggy."


We had traveled about a mile and I was getting extremely tired. My nails desperately dug into Legolas' tunic as I clutched for dear life. Every time I hobbled forward, my leg throbbed with a shocking pain. There were also large, red splotches on my tunic where spiders chomped into me. Suddenly, I tripped on a gnarly tree root that arched out of the ground. Legolas just barely caught me. I gasped and let out a tiny whimper of pain as my injured leg banged against the ground. Legolas gently set me down against the tree. He quickly looked me over, his eyes overflowing with anxiety.

"Y/N, are you okay?! I'm so, so sorry, I should've watched you better," Legolas' forehead creased in worry. I smiled, gently placing my hand on his cheek. He sighed, closing his eyes and leaning into my touch.

"I'm fine Legolas. Honestly, you take such good care of me."

Smiling slightly, he took my hand in his and kissed it lightly, "Thanks Y/N. Now you should rest for a few minutes. I can tell that you're exhausted, whether you want to believe it or not."

I sighed, "Fine, Legolas."

*Back to Legolas' POV, oof*

I heavily plopped down against a tree trunk close to Y/N. I grunted loudly, my pain becoming audible. I scrunched my face in agony as the pain from my abdomen shot up my body.

"Legolas! Are you okay?!" Y/N exclaimed, whipping her head towards me."

I gave the most convincing smile I could, "Yeah, sure I'm fine, Y/N. Don't worry about me," I abruptly stood up as I became aware that the blanket around my waist was starting to become wet with my own blood, "I'm going to get something, you stay here," I said and then hurriedly hobbled away.

After I got to be a couple hundred yards away, I felt sick and uncomfortable. I stumbled and gagged, eventually coughing up a mouthful of blood. Groaning, I staggered towards a river. I wiped off my mouth with the back of my sleeve, and took off the blood-soiled blanket around my waist. I looked down in horror at the large spot on my stomach area that was stained with blood. I immersed my hands in the clear water and wiped off as much of the blood on my stomach and blanket as I could. Then, I dried off the blanket by rubbing it on the grass. I buckled over in pain as I got up and then tied the blanket back around my waist. I set off back to Y/N.

Finally, I reached Y/N and she smiled at me, though her eyebrows were furrowed in concern, "Are you doing okay, Legolas?"

I masked the discomfort I felt with a smile, "Of course, Y/N, I'm fine. Now, we better get walking again before it gets late."

***(Still Legolas POV)***

We had traveled almost 2 miles and we were only 10 minutes from the Mirkwood palace. Before we got this close, Y/N was starting to weaken. She had a heavy limp and we had to pause to wash off her bleeding arm in the river. Every now and then she would feel discouraged, and she would say that she wasn't sure she could make it, however, I kept motivating her. Unknown to her, I had to keep motivating myself. I felt extremely weak and my breath was starting to come in gasps. If I even moved my arm slightly from where it was around my waist, I had to resist the urge to not scream in agony. Despite everything, I was determined to make sure that Y/N was safe.

In the distance, we say a couple of Mirkwood elves patrolling the palace. We yelled and waved our arms at then. When they saw us, we all ran towards each other (even though Y/N were practically crawling out of weakness).

Just before I reached them I became light-headed and I stumbled. My vision grew blurry and all I could feel was the powerful ache of pain in my abdomen. I buckled over and blacked out. The last thing I heard was Y/N yelling for a healer.

***YOUR POV***

Worriedly, I paced outside of the infirmary that Legolas was in. I had felt so stupid that I didn't notice how much pain Legolas was in. He had been unconscious for about 8 hours, and I was completely sick of not knowing the exact condition he was in. I gave an exasperated sigh and ran my fingers through my h/c hair.

The door to the infirmary creaked and I whipped my head up.

The elf nurse gave me a sweet smile, "He's awake, you can-"

I practically flew in there. I looked around, and my face lit up with relief when I saw Legolas. He looked very tired, but he still grinned up at me, he was in a white tunic with several bandages on him. I ran towards him and then placed my head against his.

"Legolas... I'm so, so sorry," my voice was heavily laden with emotion.

"Sorry for what, my love?" Legolas raised his right eyebrow.

"I should've known you were injured. I should've helped you. You mean so much to me, Legolas, and I don't know what I'd do if I would've lost you..."

"Y/N," Legolas gently placed a piece of my hair behind my pointed ear and stroked my cheek in an act of comfort, "You know that I'd do anything for you. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm here and you're here also. We're both fine now."

"Thanks Legolas. I love you so much,"

Legolas' eyes overflowed with adoration as he placed a kiss on my head and murmured in my ear, "I love you too, Y/N."

Welp, this was s pitiful fanfic. Sorry, I wish I did better. I haven't ever written a fanfic like this 😅. Thanks  for everything guys, and don't forget to comment & vote!

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