chapter 9

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Cherushi's pov
As we were training I found out Sakura has a weakness and that is assassin blades.

I should probably not use this against her she will shriek whenever she sees I use one.

"Ok Sakura-chan you can go eat lunch now I'm going to keep training" I said as she nods and left.

I took a Beretta 9 and a Springfield XD then turned my back and started to shoot the targets repeatedly.

I imagined the targets as Alois as my anger still flares for him and Ciel and I still want revenge.

This all your fault!

It's your fault why we lost it!

It's your fault that I had to hide my daughter from Ciel for 2 years because I was scared that if someone were to find out I have another child with Ciel they might target her to use against Ciel and I can't let that happen not again

And all this happened in my brother-in-law's hands.

God damn you Alois

As I was shooting the targets even more a few tears fell but my shooting was stopped by hands holding my arm back.

I turned my head to see Ciel.

How long can I keep this secret from him? From them? From my daughter?

"It's ok he's dead" he whispered.

"You know young master and lady Cherushi we can see you" Sebastian's voice said making us turn to the viewing deck of the training room where Sebastian was with a smirk.

"Sebastian come here you little-! Ciel said the ran off to his butler.

Well things never change

Sakura's Pov
I walked to my husband's private training room only to see him cleaning a gun.

I walked to his figure and he turned to me with a smile.

"Who's that for?" I asked pointing to the gun.

"It's for you" he answered then showed the gun.

It was black with my name branded in gold on the handle.

I smiled as I saw my name, Uchiha Sakura.

"Arigatou gozai mas" I said then took the gun from his hands.

"But we have to have a serious talk" Sasuke said his expression turning to serious.

"About what? Go ahead I won't bite" I said.

"Do you want to join the mafia organization?" Sasuke said turning his gaze.

"Um am I not in it already? I already married you after all for better or worse I won't leave your side right?" I asked as he smiled.

"Just promise one thing baby...." Sasuke said.

"Anything" I said turning my gaze to him.

"Please don't die when you carry our child" Sasuke said worriedly.

"Don't worry after all I'm not pregnant" I said as Sasuke smirked.

"Yet" Sasuke said.

"Oh no ,not today I wanna train" I said as Sasuke pouted.

"You sure looks like Cherushi's out so..."  Sasuke said.

"Still no. But speaking of Cherushi I think she's hiding something from Ciel- I mean not just Ciel but the whole mafia" I explained a little curious at her stuttering a while back.

"What d'ya mean?" Sasuke asked with a raised brow.

"I mean it's like - I can't explain it  unless you investigate it" I said.

"Well I'll ask my cousin but on the other hand I have a mission in Osaka are you willing to be my partner? Naruto's on a mission with Sai to Seoul , Korea so?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes" I answered with a smile.

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