Coffee Courage Plus (OzeRisa)

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She was waiting at the airport for her friend, walking around having come too early, when she heard a slight commotion. Her phone buzzed in her hand, notifying her that her friend's flight had been delayed to tomorrow due to weather safety concerns.

Sighing, the girl, Ozeki Rika, decided to go see what the commotion was about. She had come to the airport after all. As she got closer, she heard chattering about a celebrity coming back to Japan here, and it seemed that the fans were waiting. She spaced out for a moment only to find herself pushed into the wave of people that the security was trying to control.

The celebrity's entourage arrived, staff blocking the view of the crowd, which riled the crowd up even more.

Ozeki tried to escape the crowd, but she found herself getting pushed around so fiercely that she was nearly pushed over and trampled. She berated herself for her curiosity since she didn't even know who the celebrity was. The main celebrity that she was interested in had already retired two months back for an unexplained reason.

Feeling herself lose her balance, she braced herself for the worst.

Eyes closed, she held her breath for a good ten seconds. Yet, she wasn't trampled. A slender hand had grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the crowd. Ozeki didn't dare open her eyes until she finally exited the crowd and stumbled back to balance.

Ozeki blurted out a word of gratitude. "T-thanks."

"You're welcome." Ozeki's savior smiled.

Ozeki looked at her savior, a tall girl wearing a fashionably coordinated outfit and a cap on her head that hid her face. Something about her savior reminded Ozeki of someone, but Ozeki couldn't put her finger on exactly who. That smile just filled her with a pleasant sensation of nostalgia.

Seeing her savior about to leave, Ozeki's fingers brushed against her savior's fingers, almost grabbing the other girl's hand but stopping upon realizing that such an action would be rude. Nonetheless, Ozeki didn't want the girl to leave yet. "Um, let me treat you to something as thanks for saving me."

The girl made a hum of contemplation before nodding, "I'm free today, so I guess I'll take you up on that offer."

"Yay." Ozeki cheered with a grin.

The girl laughed. "Haha, Oze, you haven't changed at all." She lifted her cap a little bit, revealing a familiar face that Ozeki hadn't seen in a long time.

"Eh?" Ozeki paused.

The girl, a friend from childhood, Watanabe Risa, took Ozeki's hand into her own hand and teasingly asked, "What will you treat me to then?"

With her head spinning in confusion upon meeting Risa again, Ozeki couldn't reply at all. Somehow, they made their way to a coffee shop nearby, outside of the airport, that Ozeki really liked.

It was only when they took their seats and were asked by the owners, two otter-like girls named Yurina and Memi, about what they wanted to order that Ozeki snapped out of her dream-like state. Seeing Risa again was a dream for Ozeki.

Ozeki awkwardly ordered her usual coffee and cake, and Risa coolly ordered some cake and coffee, jokingly saying that eating some extra sweets was fine if it was on Ozeki's money.

"So..." Ozeki tried to start the conversation. "What have you been doing recently, Risa?" They hadn't talked in five years now, their situations breaking them apart.

"I've been travelling overseas. How about you?" Risa responded.

Ozeki laughed, "Nothing fancy like that. I'm attending Keyaki University right now. You know, they have good scholarships."

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