Assassin of The Couch

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Skylar shook him gently, then a little bit harder when he didn't respond the first time. "Creed, it's past eleven," she coaxed gently, brushing her hand over his back.

Creed rolled over some and moaned in protest, dragging the blanket over his head and curling up. 

Rolling her eyes and laughing softly under her breath, Skylar shook him again and tried softly to pull the blanket away from his head. They went through about this same ritual every morning after she finished making breakfast. Such was the joy of having an assassin sleeping on your couch for nearly a month.

An assassin she loved of course, but that didn't change the fact that it was late and he needed to get up.

"Creed," she said louder, her amusement starting to shift to slight annoyance. She got a tired grunt from that and Creed finally let go of the blanket, allowing her to drag it off him and fold it over her arm. She settled her free hand on her hip, though, watching as Creed slowly came to the realization that she'd taken the blanket and he wasn't getting it back.

Then finally, he stopped protesting and simply cracked his eyes open, rubbing them tiredly as he shifted to sit up.

"You took my blanket. I was warm," he grumbled, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Skylar laughed a little at his disheveled look and childish complaining. "Yeah, I did, cause you wouldn't move your lazy butt off my couch before breakfast got cold."

She saw him perk up a bit at the mention of food and he glanced towards the kitchen. "You made breakfast already?" he asked, though he still looked bleary.

Starting to fold up the blanket and throwing it over the back of the couch, Skylar nodded to the kitchen. "Yeah, I did. It's like eleven," she said with an amused smile. 

Creed just looked bewildered and tired, but he nodded a little, obviously not entirely with it yet. Skylar didn't mind, though. She had observed that he usually wasn't fully awake until after breakfast, and she could relate to that, so she didn't give him too much of a hard time over it.

"You might want to get in there before it's all cold," she reminded him, though, going about straightening up the rest of the living room. 

Creed nodded and rose slowly from the couch, wandering towards the kitchen to get his breakfast like some sort of lost puppy following the smell of food. It was cute, to say the least, if not at least a little funny. 

Skylar let herself laugh quietly to herself as she finished straightening up the living room, then she went to grab the laundry and managed to fish out a clean shirt of Creeds for him. In all honesty, she sometimes felt more like a babysitter than the lady renting out her couch to him. She was just glad she could be around him, though. Ever since they'd met a month ago she'd feared he might leave and head back to Kamino on another one of his dangerous missions, but he seemed to be on some sort of leave and while she didn't exactly have an empty guest room, she did have a couch, and he seemed fine with that. It wasn't a typical rental in any way, her payment was more of his presence, and promised protection, and her end of the bargain was leaving a blanket on the couch, but it worked. 

Heading back to the living room with the laundry, she found him already back on that beloved couch, eating breakfast. He had, at least this time, put the plate on the coffee table.

"Better?" she asked with a smile.

Creed looked up with one of his half-awake grin's, mouth full of food. He nodded though, already in the process of forking another bite into his mouth. Shaking her head with an entertained sigh she tossed him his shirt.

"I'm not your maid, so start doing your own laundry if you wanna keep sleeping on my couch," she said.

Creed caught the shirt without hesitating a second and nodded. "Yes ma'am," he teased, a boyish grin creeping onto his face after he polished off the last of his breakfast. The first plate of it at least.

Skylar narrowed her eyes at him. "You know full well not to call me ma'am, mister."

Creed's grin only grew a little and Skylar had to force herself not to grin back or start laughing. He had the power of irresistibility that one. 

"Yes ma'am," Creed quipped again quietly, something in his eyes bordering that look of mischief a three-year-old gives you when they know they're not supposed to do something, but they full well plan to do it regardless.

 "I told you..." Skylar started, dropping the basket of laundry on the chair and starting towards him, screwing her face into a stern look as she crossed her arms. She stopped in front of him, trying her hardest to appear mad, though it was more of a struggle than she'd thought.

Creed just went about gathering up his plate and fork and any crumbs on the coffee table, still giving her that smug look of mischief. She tried to give him a sharp look for that, but he stood up the moment she did and instead planted a kiss on her tight lips. 

There was nothing to be done to counter that and instead she gave in, kissing him back. She felt him pull back after a moment, now weaving his way around her towards the kitchen. 

"Love you," he called back with a reprise of his boyish grin. 

Skylar folded her arms over her chest, but she couldn't bring herself to even act mildly annoyed and instead, she mocked an eye roll but smiled brightly as he turned towards the kitchen. She shook her head as he walked away. There was simply no way to stay mad at him, no matter what he did. Then again, he'd been that way since the day she'd found him. He'd been just as cute and charming then too. She sighed contentedly, though. She didn't mind any of it one bit. In fact, she rather liked it. 

Laughing quietly under her breath, she closed her eyes and shook her head. What had she gotten herself into dating the assassin who's life she saved? She wasn't sure. She just knew one thing and now that he was far enough into the kitchen not to hear, she finally said it. 

"I love you, too."

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