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After school, Halsey and I walk to my house. We stopped by a corner shop before to grab some snacks.

I walk by each isle and then see a shelf full of various colors.
"What if i dye my hair. Or more like you do it for me" I smile.

She shrugs.
"It's totally up to you. But I think this color would look better for you."

She points to a blonde. I nod and grab it. We pay and continue walking to my house.

"So, did you finish the project for science?"
I nod.
"I had been done with it for weeks now. It was quite simple. I can help if you want?" She nods.

We arrive at my house and set all the things on the kitchen counter. She grabs and shakes the box.

"Ready?" She smiles. I nod nervously.

"Do you want to got to the beach this weekend? Maybe it can take your mind off of, you know who? She playfully hits my shoulder.
We were waiting for my hair to dry.

I had been thinking of him all day, and his new girlfriend.

Did he really love her? Had he always secretly wanted to be with her when we were together?

"Yeah, why not!" I laugh.

"I'm sorry things happened the way they did Selena. I had thought you guys would go through high school together and get married maybe have kids and all that... but maybe this happened for a reason."
She gave me a sad smile.

I nod.
"You're probably right. Maybe we just weren't meant to be together." I look down at my lap.

Then the timer goes off. I stand up and rinse my hair.

Could he really have moved on? We haven't even come in contact with each other since leaving the hospital.

That night it was hard to sleep. I kept waking up every two hours.

The next morning

I wake up to the sun shinning on my face.

I have to get up.

My phone rings. I plop my head over my covers. I stretched to reach my phone and end up falling off the bed.


Pain shot all over my right side.

Oh Gosh, that really really hurt.

I grab my phone and answer.

"Hello?" I yawn.

"Selena, i'm on my way to your house so be ready!"

I close my eyes and sigh.

"Oh come on, don't bail on me!i promise you'll have fun."

" I'm not, I'm getting up and getting ready, okay?"
"Okay I'll see you in a few minutes"

" alrighty" I smile. Than hang up.

I get up and make my bed. Then go to the bathroom.

I open my drawers and look at my bathing suits.


I pull it out and slip it on. I some snacks from downstairs and other things I need.

Beep! beep!

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