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If I die young

I want the ocean to know

it inspired me,

it sees me every day

tell it thank you.

I want the flowers to know

I didn't not pick them

because they aren't beautiful

but only because

I wanted to stare longer

out of envy,

so tell them thank you

for accepting the water

and sun I gave them.

I want the sky

to know that

all of it is beautiful


and even when I look up

in sorrow, or ponder

it wasn't because

it ruined my day,

only because

it made it beautiful

and I needed reminders sometimes

that beauty can be found

in the most overlooked places.

Please thank everything for me

that I never took the time

to realize I should thank it,

and thank the things

I knew I should have thanked

but never did.

And thank the strangers

on the street

because who knew

who I

forgot to smile at.

Thank you.

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