Zack Martin: Sweet Thang

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Suparna's POV:

I walked on to the Sky Deck towards the smoothie bar. There worked my boyfriend, Zack Martin, who I have been best friends with since we were kids. I met him when we were on the basketball team back in middle school. I tried out for the boys' team and managed to get it. I was playing on court once when Zack saw me. He was completely impressed. He had never seen any girl or guy play like me. That is how our friendship bloomed. I was one of the only girls Zack didn't try to hit on. But on the last day of 6th grade, we admitted our feelings for each other. Since then, we have been together.

"Hey, Suparna." Zack greeted me with a kiss on the lips. "Do you want anything? I'm about to go on break, but I don't mind making you something." He was always super sweet to me. I remember when Zack used to call Maddie, the candy-counter girl, "Sweet Thang."  One day, he stopped calling her that. Ms. Martin, Cody, and Maddie were all worried. That was the day Zack told everyone he was dating me. Now, six years later, we have still been together through so many obstacles.

"Suparna, you alright?" I must have been in a trance because Zack kept snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry, Zack. And no, I don't need anything. Let's go to the game room. I bet I can beat you at pool. Like I always have." Zack chased me across the Sky Deck, before Mr. Moseby stopped us. Since he liked me so much, he let us off with a warning.

"You know, Zack? I don't really remember how to play. Do you mind teaching me?" This reminded me of our very first date. I beat Zack at mini golfing, and he became really upset. He later explained to me how he wanted to teach me how to play.

"Of course, Suparna. But I don't think you really need help." He placed his arms over mine, showing me how to shoot the ball. To others, Zack would look like the sweet boyfriend who's trying to help learn how to play pool. In reality, we were just flirting with each other. After two rounds of pool, me winning  both times, Zack led me to his room, where we lay in bed and cuddled.

"Zack, do you see a future for us?" I asked nervously. Of course, I saw one, seeing as we have been dating for six years.

"Of course I do, Suparna. If I didn't, I wouldn't have asked you out back in 6th grade. Ever since I saw you play basketball, I just knew. I knew you are the one for me. The one I'm going to marry and have kids with." Zack kissed me as we continued to cuddle. Little did I know, Zack had a whole plan to propose.

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