Chapter 20

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Damion's POV

The attack was to happen soon.I called for the pack to meet "we shall attack The Black Cloud Pack tomorrow" I announced as the last pack member came in.I heard cheers and many whispers in the back."We will train today and attack tomorrow" I said with my alpha voice.Cheers went on throughout the crowd,I smiled at their loyalty.We started to go outside and train."Find a partner,particularly someone you don't know so you won't know their weaknesses" I said watching over the crowd.They began to pair up and I started to fight a blonde haired man with grey eyes who probably was in his late twenties.We lunged at each other,he was mostly letting his emotions control his fighting,I used this to my advantage.When he started getting tired I ran at him,making him fall over.He struggled under my grip,he finally kicked me off with his leg I fell on my back."Ow" I groaned.He took my this chance to pin me.I kicked him in the stomach making him lose his grip,I pushed him off of me and pinned him down.He sighed "I give up,you win" He said trying to free himself.I smirked and got off of him."My names Alexander,call me Alex alpha" he said holding out his hand,I shook his hand and started to go towards a stage in the front."We will attack the Dark Cloud Pack at noon get rest and be prepared for anything" I boomed with my alpha voice.The bowed their heads and headed inside.I heard shuffling from woods and started going towards a huge tree.I saw Carter,Natilie's mate.I growled and he transformed and ran.I didn't have time for this I turned back and went inside to eat dinner.We all went up to bed and prepared for the day ahead.I wanted to kill their pack and Natilie so I could rule the werewolf realm.I would over throw the wolf king and kill anyone who dare defy me.I smiled as I went into dreamland.

I killed the pack and now it was time to kill Natilie but stupid Carter ran in and tried to save her.I quickly regained control and started to choke him a smirk crept its way in my face "I won't kill you,not yet at least,I'm going to kill Natilie and make you live the rest of your life without her" I said looking at the both of them.His face went pale "Please anything but that please" He begged me.I looked at him with disgust,he had went soft because of her I'd be doing him a favor.I shook my head and dropped him on the floor.I went to Natilie and grabbed her neck "Now you get to watch her die" I said with an evil laugh.He raised his hands "NO NO PLEASE NO DON'T KILL HER!!!" he shouted at me still gasping for air.I let another evil laugh out before snapping her neck.Tears started falling from his eyes "You were to weak to save her" I said with disgust clear in my voice.He looked at me with anger and rage.I walked away and teleported to the wolf kings 'lair'.I was already inside so I didn't need to get past security.I stalked to his room and threw the door down."I shall rule now bow down to me" I barked at him.He let a loud laugh erupt from his mouth,I clenched my fist,this was no laughing matter.I stalked towards him and lifted him up "I will not be laughed at" I growled at him and snapped his neck.I was now the ultimate leader,I was the wolf king.

I woke up to the sound of my beta pounding on my door "What?" I growled annoyed."We need to get the pack up and plan our battle tactics" He said opening the door.I nodded my head "I'll be downstairs soon now go"

Natilie's POV

'Go to Carter' My wolf wined.

I rolled my eyes 'no' I told her sternly.

She started pouting and went to a corner in my mind.I was brought out of my thoughts by Alpha Derek calling my name."Yes alpha?" I asked looking up from my hands."Do you want us to kill Damion or would you rather do it yourself?" He questioned me.I let a chuckle past my lips.

"I'm going to kill him no matter what"


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