Ch 1-Bitter Beginning-

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There was peace as the day had started, and it stayed that way until it passed, birds chirped and kids played. It was in every sense of the word, Perfect. For those with experience, it was too perfect. No accidents, no fights, the entire nation was a Utopia.

Little did they know, that there was fiery doom on the horizon of the setting sun.

As the night settled into it's early hours, the world went silent. No dogs, no insects, no birds.. nothing. Not even the wind would speak.

But just at the climax of the unbearable silence. The entire cloud nation began to shake, swirling pools of raging fire appeared all over the cities that made up the nation in the starless night, and from them, shrieking, roaring, laughing and squealing shadows fell to the surface.

Within minutes, the torment became nationwide as an army of demons began to lay waste to the Cloud.

Chaos raged outside, sirens screamed, and the very ground shook. The nation in the sky was thrown in turmoil.... Again.

A small boy stood at the front door of his home, his green eyes puffy and his cheeks red from excessive crying. Beside him was a slightly taller girl that was in no better condition. Both kids wept as the noises caused them to flinch time and time again.

In front of them, stood a red haired woman in her late twenties, on her back was a sword that bore the crest of the division under which she served: A plain black circle in a triangle of three smaller ones. "Kids." The woman called, drawing their attention to her.

"I was summoned by the council to provide aid in calming the city." The woman sighed.

She didn't even have time to prepare her military wear. All she had was her weapon. Her son held on to her skirt as she made an attempt to close the door behind herself.

"Shinsuke." She sighed heavily, not liking the idea of leaving her kids while they were in a state of emergency. Her voice was as sweet as it had always been when she addressed him, even as screams filled his ears. And it causes the boy to calm.

She knelt down in front of him, her green eyes mirrored his own as she placed her hands on his cheeks to wipe his tears away. "Be a good boy, okay honey" She softly instructed the crying child, brushing strands of his crimson hair from his wet eyes. "Protect your big sister and stay in the bunk." She placed a kiss on his forehead, then did the same to the girl at his side.

The sister of the pair held her brother close and pulled him away from their mother before adding, "Shin-Shin, let's go back inside, it's not safe for kids out here."

"But daddy's already out there!" Shinsuke wailed as he reached out to his mother again. "Please mommy!"

"I have a duty son, I am needed out there, that's why, I'm trusting you to protect your sister, now no more tears." She cut his protest. "Onishi men are strong, and you're the man of the house when daddy isn't here. So be confident and keep safe."

With that, she began closing the door behind her. "I'll be back as soon as I find daddy okay?"

"But, we need you here." He choked out as more tears fled from his eyes.

"Please be safe mom." His sister cried as she began leading her brother back into their dining room. "Now Shinsuke, we're gonna wait in the safe bunkie until mom and dad return okay?"

With snot running down his nose, and shaky sobs, he took hold of his sister's hand as she led him to a vault-like room in the basement that also had the crest on it.

"Oshin?" He sobbed as she began forcing the large door open. "What if they don't come back?"

The mentioned girl looked sadly at her brother, forcing a smile to her face she answered, "no way Shin-Shin, Mommy and Daddy are the strongest ever, no way some silly demon can kill them!" She exclaimed proudly in an attempt to cheer him up.

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