Young Mutts

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After Ben dropped me off at home yesterday I got an email saying that I have a meeting with my team today.

You can say I was a little excited...of coarse at the moment I was eating fruit loops and spit milk all over myself jumping up and down.

Okay. Maybe a lot excited. But hey, shit happens.

"Yes mom I'll try to come in town for the forth of July. What? Mhm yeah I'll make sure I'm free. Mom it's only May 31." I say through the phone.

"But Sweety the summer soccer season starts on June first and ends August first. At lease your team apparently." My mom replies.

"Yeah but everyone has the forth of July weekend off. Just relax. But Mom." She continues blabbering, "mom."


"I have a team meeting to go to soon and I need to finish getting ready. I'll call you later" I tell her.

"Where's the meeting at? Can't possibly be in your one person apartment."

"No, it's at the team managers house. She's one of the soccer moms." I explain.

"Alright, drive safe, I love you."

"Love you too mom, bye." I hang up the phone and continue straightening a few last pieces of my hair. After rummaging through my closet I decided on wearing a pair of light blue skinny jeans rolled into leggings and an old soccer T-shirt of mine. Man do I love soccer shirts. So functional. After finishing my hair I lightly apply my top eye liner and mascara.

Rushing to get out of the house I slip on my white converse and grab my lanyard that holds my car keys.


Pulling up to what looks to be a mansion makes my stomach do a flip flop. I quickly pull down the visor where the mirror is, check my makeup then pull the keys out of the ignition. I wave to the woman standing on the front steps and get out of my old Cadillac.

"Welcome! It's so nice to finally meet you! I'm Nancy." She starts to say as I walk up to the front door. She puts her hand out to shake and I follow.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Rachel."

"Oh Sweetie I know. My son is Mitchel, but you can call him Mitch like the others. The boys are all in the basement. But the parents and I would like to get to know you before you meet the team. Is that alright with you?" She asks slightly smiling at me.

"Yes, of coarse. I prefer it that way anyways. That way I get to know what I'm getting myself into." She laughs at my bad joke attempt and leads the way into the big house. I step into the foyer which has high ceilings with a chandelier in the center and a grand stair case directly ahead of me.

This house could be right out of a princess movie. Like beauty and the beast.

Not that I watch those movies or anything.

"Beautiful home," I say to her looking around the space.

"Oh this isn't anything at all. Come on, everyone is in the kitchen." She replies then drags me along with her after taking off my shoes. She makes me look like I live in a shoe box.

"How long have you lived here?"

"Oh not long at all dear. About three years by September." She says as we finally reach the kitchen opening. Well of coarse it's my dream kitchen. Chocolate wood floors, all granite counters. The list could go on but no need. "These are all the team moms that have been dying to meet you!" My eyes dart around the room to all the different dressed up womens faces. I wish I was back at my shoe box of a home right now. I'm here wearing casual clothes and them in dresses. I look like an absolute fish out of water.

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