Chapter 19

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||Too Late||

-The Upsidedown part II-

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-The Upsidedown part II-

Pine woke with a start. She gasped for air. It felt like she hadn't breathed for a long time.

"It's ok sweetie." She heard a voice say and someone petted her hair, the way a mother would.

Pine looked around to see none other than Joyce Byers and Cheif Jim Hopper sitting next to her, along with Will.

"Will." She croaked weakly

She was then enveloped in a short yet meaningful hug by Joyce that consisted of her, Will, and Joyce. At this moment one would have thought Pine was Joyce's daughter. At least that's how Pine felt. A mask was put on Pine, one like the one Will was wearing. She kept hearing the words "stay with us" and "you're gonna be ok" as she was moved. Though, she heard it from a distance. The world was slipping far away. Soon she'd be unreachable.

"Don't close your eyes." Hopper's harsh voice ordered her "whatever you do, don't close your eyes."

Pine whimpered.

"I- I don't feel so good." Pine struggled to say

"Kid, you're gonna be alright. You can do it! I believe in you!"

Pine's eyes threatened to close a many times until they did. The last thing she heard being:

"Jesus kid!" By none other than Hopper.


The bright lights blinded Pine as she opened her eyes. It took her to moment to realize she was in a hospital. It was a wonder she hadn't died.

"Will?" She moaned

He was the sole person she trusted with her life. They'd been through so much. She had to know where he was. Was he safe?

"Pine?" A tired voice replied

Pine looked around until she found a teenage boy sitting in a chair.


"Yeah, it's me."

"I've gotta go check on my sister. She got stuck in the upsidedown too. I just wanted to check up on you." He said while getting up

Pine smiled softly at him, causing his heart to melt a little. Right as he was about to leave Pine said something more.

"Where's Will?"

"On your right." He replied smiling

Pine turned her head and saw Will talking quietly to his mom. He looked over at Pine. The two shared a look that contained a whole conversation, one that made no sense to anyone else. Will smiled. Pine smiled back.

"Fancy meeting you here." She said

"I could say the same." He replied

Both were in hospital gowns with many different things connected to them. Mostly tubes if which Pine didn't know the names or uses for. But the only thing that mattered was that they were back home and ok. The parasites were out of them and they were together.

Not even a moment later the door flew open and three boys ran in gathering around the beds and giving the two in them hugs. They started ranting on about all that happened while Will and Pine were gone. Pine started to zone out from the conversation. Everything became distant again. Just as it had when she was dying.

"Hey! Someone get a doctor in here!" She heard someone yell

Her vision started to blur and fade. A ring started to echo in her ears. She felt weak. Many things, loud things, hectic things, we're happening around her. Doctors flooded in. Pine could neither see nor hear anything anymore.

"Pine!" Will called

That was the only and last thing she heard before she flatlined and the world faded away.

(Oof! So, don't run away yet. There's still one more chapter!)

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