Harry signaled for Louis to look at his bed and the happiness he felt at Louis' face was absolutely insane. Blue eyes lit up, a giant smile on his face. He looked like he was ten years old looking at Harrys' attempt at a fort. 

He looked back at Harry, "You came over here to make me happy?"

Harry nodded, "I felt terrible about what Violet said to you, Louis. I'm angry at her but more guilty at myself. But this isn't about me. This is about me cheering you up and making you smile."

Louis squealed, "Thank you, Harry."

Harry stood up and walked over to him, "This is what friends are for."

Harry was surprised when Louis moved close and wrapped his arms around him but Harry hugged him back instantly. For a few moments they just stood there hugging and embracing each other.

Louis pulled back with a flushed face, "I just got a very hard reminder that I'm pretty much naked."

Harry blushed at that and pulled back a little, "I'll get out of here so you can change." 

"Just turn around, Harry! You don't have to leave the room."

Harry smiled and turned as Louis told him to. It only took a few minutes for Louis to put a pair of shorts on.

"You can look now." 

Harry spun back to stare at Louis. He really was the most breath taking human Harry had ever laid his eyes on.

"Lets get in the fort then!" He exclaimed.

The two crawled up under their own section facing each other. The blankets were high enough off the bed seeing as the blankets were huge. 

"I like being wrapped up at night." Louis told him, "I've always loved big blankets."

"Me too." Harry spoke, looking up at them before smiling at Louis.

"I also like other big things." Louis spoke.

He was satisfied when Harry threw his head back and laughed. He just wanted to hear that laugh he had grown to love in a short amount of time.

"I'm sure you do considering you're so small and compact." Harry teased.

Louis gasped in fake offense, "Harry Styles! How dare you make fun of my size?"

"I could make fun of something else in size if you'd like." Harry replied, grinning.

Louis grinned right back. His blue eyes were sparkling with happiness and it made Harrys' heart smile to see that.


"Yeah, Louis?"

"Would you want to spend the night?" Louis asked, sounding nervous all of a sudden.

Harrys' face lit up, "I'd love to spend the night only if Zayn don't mind."

"I'll send him to your place and I'm sure he'll be ecstatic." 

Harry giggled, "Liam will flip his shit. Lets not tell him! We'll just tell Niall and ask him to keep it a secret."

"Harry Styles you are a mischevious little bug! I like you a lot!"

TopTommo: niall what are you doing ya bitch?

NiallHorny: just cleaned up my mess if you know what i mean. wink wonk.😄

StylishStyles: ew lmao.

NiallHorny: what are you two doing? just get done fucking?

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