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StylishStyles: is louis okay?

Zayniac: he's okay, harry. he's napping.

StylishStyles: i feel so fucking awful, zayn.😢😦

Zayniac: don't, harry! it wasn't your fault. that woman is disgusting and that's something we don't have any control over.

StylishStyles: i just want to hug him, zayn. i feel completely awful.

Zayniac: that gives me an idea.

StylishStyles: what's that?

Zayniac: well, i work in a few hours so maybe you could come over and sit with him for a little bit. he's off today so he'd definitely enjoy the company.

StylishStyles: you sure he won't be mad for me randomly showing up?

Zayniac: nonsense lol. he's completely whipped for you, harry. he'd love it if you came.

StylishStyles: in more way than one. 

Zayniac: hahahaha. true that! 

StylishStyles: send me your address and i will be there as soon as i can.

Harry had arrived at Zayn and Louis' apartment a while later. Louis was taking a hot bath which gave Harry enough time to do what he had planned on the way here. Back when they were camping Louis talked about his childhood and things he had always loved doing as a child. The memory sparked an idea for Harry in hopes that he could cheer Louis up.

Zayn had told Harry to make himself at home so that's what Harry did. As Louis showered he went to Louis' bedroom and drug the blankets off of the bed. He grabbed the stapler that he bought on the way and stepped onto the bed which was only covered in sheets. He stapled part of the blanket on the ceiling then stepped down to staple half of it on the wall which created a roof almost. He did the same with the other blanket on the other side of the wall and ceiling. He had made sure they were as low as they could be when he stapled them on the wall creating something the two could crawl underneath. 

He grabbed Louis' pillows and put two under each section. He knew this would make Louis smile and he hasn't even known him that long. There was just something about Louis, Harry thought. Though he was quite a pervert on KIK he was completely different in person. He was Harrys' friend now and he wanted to cheer him up.

Moments later he heard the bathroom door opening. Harry grabbed a chair that was sitting in the corner and plopped down on it. He put his shoes against the wall and put his phone beside them. He had made sure to wear comfortable clothes seeing as Louis would probably have him all over the place. 

Just then Louis' door came open and both boys were frozen in place for two completely different reasons.

Louis' hair was damp and flattened against his head. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. Nothing underneath. Harry could tell by how low the towel was wrapped. He was a gay man currently looking at a very attractive gay man half naked. It was only natural for Harry to look. There was water dripping down Louis' body and holy shit, Harry wanted to lick the drops off his body. 

Louis was not expecting to walk into his room and see Harry first thing. He was sitting in the corner in a pair of shorts, a white t shirt. His hair was flowing perfectly down his shoulders as always and he had a crooked grin on his face. Louis could see his dimples and he about fell to his knees right there, one to fawn over him and two to blow him off. 

"Ha-Harry? What are you doing here?" Louis asked, happiness and nerves in his voice.

"I'm here to make you happy."

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