Chapter One: Another One Bites the Dust, Part 1

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Hello. I am Nimja, and this is the story of how I became a Pokémon.

No, this is not clickbait or me pulling your leg. This is very real. As real as hypnosis. Right now, as I am recording this I am a one-foot-four pink Pokémon admittedly still in shock about what happened to me two months ago. But I've gotten used to my new body and all the powers that come with it. Though I still feel the powerful urge to snap my fingers whenever I tell someone to drop or wake. Of course I can't now. But still, I've been able to snap my fingers for 37 years, so to have that ability suddenly gone disconcerts me a bit.

Now you're probably thinking that this is impossible, that there's no way I could have been turned into a Pokémon. But I assure you, it happened.

Would you like to know how?

...Hm. I thought you would.

Very well. I will be more than willing to tell you everything I know. But before I start, let me tell you a bit about me.

My real name will not be revealed to you. This is mainly for two reasons. First, I would be very uncomfortable with anyone breaking into my home and stealing my things. Though I trust they wouldn't do that. And second, that would be telling. And I like to keep secrets. Yes, don't you enjoy a good mystery every now and then?

Still, if you may, call me "Nimja" or "Sir." It's a sign of respect. (Though, if you're Dutch like I am, or learning it, it's acceptable to call me "Mijnheer." It's Dutch for "sir.") Only a select few people get to call me "Master"- and only I know when they've earned that right.


Yes, I know. I'm a teaser.

Speaking of Dutch, I live in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, which I will confess is a very beautiful city. Yes, people ride their bikes a lot here. And yes, people speak English. Frequently, might I add. There, I have a full-time job as a programmer for a company which, again, shall not be named.

But I'm betting it's my hypnotist hobby you best know me for.

And I'm a surprisingly evil hypnotist, not to brag. For the most part, my files are usually for relaxing (the very first one was a sleep induction), yet I have also transformed people into animals, brainwashed people, and so on. If I were to mention the much more extreme things I did here, this recording would be age-restricted.

But of course, being an evil hypnotist does not mean I am an evil person. Far from it. In fact, if anyone comments on my videos, interactive scripts, or such, I take the time to answer each and every one of them. People are usually very appreciative of my work, so I'm appreciative to them. Even when I'm evil, people enjoy it. Though some call me insane. My response:

I am a hypnotist. I am playful, not insane.

And I show it especially during the livestreams.

Which brings me to August 19, 2020- the day my life changed forever. That day I was in the middle of a special livestream chat. I hadn't organized it to put people in a trance, but rather  to celebrate that I had just received 100,000 subscribers and the Silver Play Button. This was for the fans that had supported me all those years, and I wanted to thank them.

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