Chapter One: Another One Bites the Dust, Part 1

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To me, a Q and A session was the best way.

It was currently 35 minutes into the session, and a comment popped up that  I had been anticipating.

OGiNiM (at 11:35 pm, NE): HaLlO, MiJnHeEr! HoE GaAt HeT mEt U? SoRrY, I'm StIlL lEaRnINg DuTcH aNd AM PrObaBlY BuTcHeRiNg YoUr LaNgUaGe...

I smiled, and laughed to myself a bit.

"Hello, OGiNiM," I said. "Don't worry, I still understand what you're saying."


By far, he is the most frequent commenter and fan of mine that I have ever known. He is an 18-year-old Canadian man who I had never met in real life before the day of my transformation, and he is hyper as can be. He has practically the exact same interests as me, yet we have never met.

It's odd, really.

The interesting thing about him is the language he uses in his comments. He speaks English, sure, but also Dutch. You see, OGiNiM loves Dutch. Ever since he discovered me 2 years ago, he has been saving up money so he can go to Amsterdam and meet me. He has purchased book after book from the library in search of info on Dutch pronunciation. He has scoured my own head in search of info on Dutch pronunciation. OGiNiM is such a huge fan of Dutch that he has sworn that he will only call me "Mijnheer."

Pay attention to that last sentence, because it'll be important later.

But I digress.

No, nO, I MeAnT ThAt I WaS BuTcHeRiNg ThE PrOnUnCiATiON, OGiNiM clarified.

I smiled again.

"Back to the books, then."

YeAh... replied OGiNiM. Oh! By ThE WaY, HyDrO ToLd Me ThE NeWs. 100,000 SuBsCrIBeRs?! ThAt's InCrEdIBle! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! HaVe YoU GoTtEn ThE LiTtLe SiLvEr ThInGy YeT? I'm DyInG To SeE iT!

I laughed, and started to hold up the silver plaque when another comment popped up in the chat:

HyDrO (at 11:37 pm, NE) responded to OGiNiM: are you late or something? he showed the plaque at the very beginning of the stream


oh by the way sir congratulations

A pause. That was typical of HyDrO. In every way, she was the exact opposite of OGiNiM- she was extremely concise and emotionless.

I smiled upon seeing her last word.

"Thanks, HyDrO," I said.

A beat.

it was nothing

I smiled and laughed to myself.

Oh, SoRrY, HyDrO, said OGiNiM. I WaS ThIrTy MiNuTeS LaTe To ThE LiVeStReAm.

seriously? i've been here the whole time
and you call yourself nimja's biggest fan

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