Chapter 3; Chyna Vs. Olivia

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Recap; Once they got there they sat down and ordered. The food was out within 20 minutes. "So, I want to know about this boy. you've only been there two days and already developed a crush on someone?" Her mother asked. "Mom, it doesn't matter because theres no chance it'll ever happen anyway." Olivia responded trying to avoid telling her who it actually was. "You never know, but I'll wait until you're ready to tell me." Her mother suggested. Olivia smiled. They began eating their food. Once they finished they returned home. The day passed by fairly quick and it was already time for them to prepare for bed. Olivia fell asleep with a smile on her face that night. . .

The next day, when Olivia awoke, the birds seemed to chirp louder. Still, even with the peaceful ambiance, she still woke up with an attitude. "I just want to sleep!" She mumbled into her pillows. Her alarm started blaring the next minute causing her to jump. "Jeez!" She exclaimed. Slamming her hand on the button to turn it off. She rose from her bed and made her way to her closet. She slipped on a long sleeve black knit sweater dress with black leggings and black boots. The boots had a 2 inch heel on them. She tied her hair up into a messy bun and applied her signature look; a smokey eye shadow, and cat eye wings. She also applied dark red, almost maroon lip stick. She made her way downstairs and grabbed a granola bar. She sat down at the table waiting for her mother to come down stairs and greet her . She looked around and saw a piece of paper on the table. It was a note from her mother.

Goodmorning, darling. They changed my hours. I have to be in at 5 in the morning now. That means you no longer get to complain about getting up so early. Haha.

Olivia chuckled to herself. Then continued reading.

Anyways, I won't be able to spend my mornings with you any longer so let's just meet eachother after work and school at home okay? I'm sorry I forgot to tell you this yesterday! Have a good day and text me when you get to school safely.

Mom ♡

Olivia sighed. She looked at the time. "Well, I better get going now then." She spoke aloud to herself. She put her jacket on and headphones in. She made sure to lock up and close the door and made her way to school. As she was walking a car pulled up along side her. She refused to look because situations like this made her feel nervous. It wouldn't be the first time a complete stranger hit on her. "Liv!" A voice called out. Her music was low enough to hear the voice. She slowly and cautiously looked over. "Oh. Hello Mr. Jackson!" She responded. "Shouldn't you already be at school?" She added. "I'm running a bit late, would you like a ride?" He asked. She smiled. "Hm, I don't know." Olivia playfully responded. "Oh get in, Liv!" He responded, both of them laughing. Olivia hopped into the car. "Isn't this against school policy?" She asked in concern. He smiled. "You're right, I actually some how hadn't realized that. Let's just do it this one time. I'm sure they won't mind." He said. "Well, if anything I can just tell them my mother asked you and gave you permission because she honestly wouldn't mind at all." She suggested. Michael, still smiling, "I'm not too worried, not too many people are there around this time anyway." He admitted. They both smiled. Olivia reached for the radio, "do you mind?". "Go right on ahead" he responded with a smile. Olivia turned on the radio and Selena Quintanilla's 'Dreaming Of You' was playing. "Oooh I love this song!" She exclaimed. He chuckled. How adorable. He thought to himself. The song played all the way until they reached the school. "Alrighty, we're here, girl." He said. Did he just call me girl? She asked herself. She gave him a weird look and got out of the car. "Thanks for the ride, Mr. Jackson. Have a good day!" She said and walked away. He smiled and made his way into the school.


"Girl!" Ebony called out. Olivia spotted her and made her way over to the table with the girls. "We saw you this morning, girl. What the fuck were you doing in Mr. Jackson's car?" Ebony questioned her. They all had these seemingly conniving smirks. "Um? He was just giving me a ride. You know it was cold out this morning." Olivia responded. "Girl, I KNOW she did not have all that sass in her voice." Mishell said. "Girl, hush." Ebony said. "Also, for real, what was that sass though?" She added. Olivia sighed. "Nothing, I didn't mean to come off that way." She admitted. The smirks remained upon the girl's faces. Olivia took a seat and began eating the lunch she brought with her. "You coming over today girl?" Ebony asked. Olivia nodded. She felt all the attention was focused on her. "Um, why am I the only one eating?" She asked. "We can't lose these figures, you crazy?" Indea said. They all nodded in agreement. Olivia chuckled. "Something funny?" Chyna spoke out. "Girl, stop getting offended by everything." Ebony said to Chyna. Chyna rolled her eyes. Olivia softly chuckled again. These girls are too much. She thought to herself. "Anyways, we are walking back to my place after lunch." Ebony added. "Cool, I'm there." Olivia responded. Ebony smiled. Once they finished their lunch, the bell rang signifying the school day had ended.
Olivia went to her locker and the girls followed. Once they got there they stood in a group behind Olivia while she gathered her stuff. Mr. Jackson walked over and startled her. He noticed that she jumped and let out a quiet laugh. "You jerk!" She joked. "You wanna give me a heart attack? Besides, why are you over here anyways?" She asked. "Hm, seems as though someone isn't having a good day." Mr. Jackson teased. Olivia smiled. "Oh I'm fine, I just don't appreciate being scared!" She admitted with a laugh. They both shared a laugh until Michael spoke up.
"Plans for today?" He genuinely asked.
"I'm gonna hang out with the girls." She responded looking back at them. They were all staring. Michael looked at Olivia and scoffed. "Well be safe, and have fun. I'll see you tomorrow." He said. His whole demeanor changed which caused Olivia to grow concerned. What was that? She thought to herself. "You as well, Mr. Jackson." She replied. They both parted ways and Olivia joined the girls. "Let's go!" She said.
On the walk home they all began questioning Olivia. "Are you sleeping with him?" Mishell asked. "Um, no? Why would you think that?" Olivia admitted. "Well he's never been so smitten with another student before. He goes out of his way to talk to you." Mishell responded. "Really? I didn't even know that." Olivia responded. "Girl, you gotta be kidding. Stop lying to us. You got some secrets. We're friends now, you can tell us." Indea said. They all looked at her. The conniving smirks appeared again. "Um, I once had a crush on my cousin before I knew we were related? That was years ago though." Olivia responded. "Eb, where the fuck you find this dumb bitch?" Chyna said. "Watch it Chy." Ebony replied. "Bitch? Wait, dumb bitch? How dare you even begin to disrespect me, you know nothing about me. I told y'all I'm not sleeping with him. Stop pressing me. Jeez." Olivia bursted without even thinking twice. "Woah, you need to chill. Chyna has anger issues, it isn't even personal. You're taking it to a whole new level." Ebony said. "I'm not going to deal with this, I can go home." Olivia suggested. "Calm down, we're just trying to get to know you, girl." Ebony responded. "Really? Because you're all being so rude. Seems like you're just trying to push me away." Olivia admitted. "How the fuck can you say all of us, Indea and I barely spoke to you yet." Mishell popped off. "For real though. You gotta chill if you want to rock with us." Indea admitted. Olivia just rolled her eyes. "Bitch I wi-" Chyna started before Ebony cut her off. "Stop calling me a bitch, we're not close enough for that. If you got anger issues and they aren't personal then stop personally attacking me." Olivia said. She never bit her tongue. Chyna never saw a real attitude but if she kept pushing Olivia's buttons she would soon discover a real attitude. After all, she was from New York City. Ebony hushed Chyna before she could fire back. "Alright Liv, we get it, we will be friendlier, okay? Don't bail today." Ebony reassured her. "Wimp." Chyna whispered. Olivia chose to ignore it. She knew her and Chyna were not going to get along for as long as they were in the same friend group.
They finally arrived at Ebony's house and all entered inside. It was set up nicely. They all sat in the living room. "So, is it okay that we ask you some stuff just to get to know you better?" Mishell asked. Olivia nodded. "Do you know Mr. Jackson?" Indea asked. "No, he has just been very friendly to me ever since I got here." Olivia admitted. "How did you two even get aquianted?" Indea asked. "I was getting my schedule and ran into him. He helped me find the class that was going to be my homeroom. Then the next day we both arrived at the school early and just talked about some stuff. We've been kind of like friends since then." She told them. "What did you guys talk about?" Ebony asked. "Nature." Olivia responded with a smirk. "So, you a nature freak?" Chyna asked. "Well, I wouldn't say freak, but yes, I do take interest in nature. It's so beautiful. Everything about it." She responded. Chyna snorted and laughed to herself. This bitch is shady, Olivia thought. "Also, I forgot to ask. I didn't see Triniti at all today. Is she okay? Where is she?" Olivia asked. "Ah, she's home. She didn't feel like coming in today. That girl does whatever she wants to." Ebony said while laughing to herself. "Oh okay." Olivia responded not knowing what else to say. Ebony, Indea and Mishell continued to question Olivia while Chyna sat in the corner on her phone with an attitude. Soon it was time for Olivia to go home. "I've got to go, I told my mom I'd catch up with her tonight. See you ladies tomorrow!" Olivia said as she exited.

~At Ebony's House~

"Thank God that bitch is gone." Chyna finally spoke. The girls laughed. "It's always so easy to play with the new kids " Ebony said. "Sad that we rarely get any though." She added. "Why didn't you let me beat the brakes off of that bitch today?" Chyna asked. "You know we have to act friendly. That girl has got such a short fuse. She is from New York City yet acts so innocent. I heard the people there don't play I'm surprised she didn't cut you." Ebony joked. The girls laughed. "Girl, I told you I wasn't a good actor. She makes my blood boil. Something about her ain't right." Chyna responded. "I bet she's sleeping with him." Indea joined in. "Wait, but why are we targetting her?" Mishell asked. "Well, she's pretty. And as you know, the pretty girls always come with us, but she is not going to fit in, so we get to mess with this one. She can't be prettier than us and not hang with us. So we humiliate her and just turn the school against her. That way the attention is still on us." Ebony admitted. The girls shared a smile. "We just got to be nicer, I'll let you know when we're going to strike" she added.

~Olivia's house~

Olivia walked through the door to the smell of spaghetti. "Mom! I'm home!" She called out. "In the kitchen, honey!" Her mom responded. "Mom, I have so much to tell you today. Those girls I told you about? There's one who is just SO rude. She kept calling me out and they accused me of sleeping with one of the teacher's at school." Olivia began telling her mother. "Why would they accuse you of such a thing?" Her mother asked. "You're not, are you?" She added. "MOM! No! I just.. I guess became friends with one. He's the only person in that school whose been nice to me." She admitted. "Is this the cute one? Wait, he's the crush isn't he?" Her mother asked. Olivia turned red. "Mom, it's not like that. He's actually pretty cool." She admitted. Her mother just laughed. She finished cooking dinner and they sat down together. "Anyways, who is this girl that's picking on my baby?" She asked.

"Her name is Chyna. She is so rude!" Olivia said. "She kept calling me a bitch.. like mom, she called me a dumb bitch because I didn't admit to sleeping with Mr. Jackson."

"First of all Liv, language please. Secondly, what the fuck?" Her mother said.

So much for watching our language, Olivia joked to herself.

"How dare she. Don't let anyone disrespect you like that." She added

"Never that mom. Besides, my friend Ebony took care of it. She's also pretty cool. I mean, they've all got slight attitudes, but I'm sure we will all be great friends. Except for Chyna" Olivia said without knowledge of who these girls really were.

Rosie and her daughter finished dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Olivia let out a yawn. "I'm pretty tired. I think I'm going to lay down for the night." She told her mom. "That's from running your mouth so much today" she joked to her daughter. Olivia laughed and made her way to bed hoping tomorrow would go smoother between the girls and herself. . .

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