Chapter 30

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Every time the sun sets, someone would come and drag me out of my tiny cell and the same night would repeat itself.

However, today is different. The sun hasn't set yet and someone is already tugging at my collar. I lay still and they kick me a few times before I reluctantly trail after them.

"On all fours."

I stand still.

I don't take orders from anyone aside from Master.

They also know that. That's why, I just ended up getting pushed down.

Before, it used to take at least three of them to hold me down. Now, it only takes one.

They like me because I'm easy to feed. I don't need expensive blood like the halflings. For all they care, they could feed me paper and I'd still live on better than the other merchandise.

That's why, they decided against selling me. I see batches come and go, but I'm still here.

Even if that is true, I believe that I'm still wanted by Master. Alvena too. Lucien as well. And Nero.

For that reason, I still put up a fight each time they pull off my tattered clothes.

I watch uselessly as the first one takes out his fangs, ready to pierce through my unhealed neck.

But the expected pain doesn't come around like usual. Instead, the room is filled with a blood-curdling scream. This causes panic because it's a male's voice and not a female one today. We all know they only handle trafficked females.

In front of my eyes, a familiar figure storms around the room, easily taking out the five guards on duty. Fresh blood splatters on to the floor, staining the fresh hay from this morning and filling the room with a nice smell.

"Evelyn!" his voice booms, causing my ears to ring.

It takes a few seconds before I recognize my name is being called. In a few more seconds, I feel a sturdy grip on my shoulders.

Short blonde hair. Big blue eyes.

I couldn't help but crack a broken smile as I reach out my hand. He took it eagerly as I spoke in a raspy whisper.


As soon as I part my lips, he notices that my fangs were shaved off. His expression changes from anger to worry.

I watch as Niles rips through his wrist with his fang before pressing it directly to my lips. He didn't hesitate a moment to feed me his precious blood.

He didn't think twice about saving me.

He didn't care that he was feeding a lowly Disabled with his high noble blood.

All he did care about was saving a friend.

He considers me a friend.

And that meant the world to me, because for the first time in my life, I realized that I do have feelings. I do have a heart. And although I'm a Disabled, I do, like everyone else, have the right to cry.

So I cried and cried and cried-cried for all the years I thought I was unaffected by how I was treated, cried in gratitude to Master, cried for my fortune to serve the Dietrichs, cried for my luck in making friends, cried because I didn't know I could cry, and cried because I didn't know how to stop.

"Shhh..." Niles hushed, over and over as he kept his comforting hold around my frail frame. "I'm here. You're safe now."

Still I cried, louder than a baby, but happier than I've ever been my whole life.

I didn't know why I cried though. If it was anyone but Niles, I might have just kept my blank face. But it was Niles. And I felt like I could cry.

Even if Master didn't come for me. Even if I no longer have Alvena. Even if Nero doesn't remember me.

Even then, I still am wanted-not abandoned, not lost, not furniture.

My red eyes meet with Niles's clear blue ones. For a moment, we just stare at each other.

Without a doubt, I believe him.

I am safe now.

Safer than I've ever been or ever will be because now I know for certain.

Someone, somewhere in this terrible world, will forget my status, forget my use, forget our difference, and without hesitation, give up something for someone like me.

Had Master come, I would have been excited. Had Alvena come, I would be grateful. Had Lucien come, I would have given him an answer.

But because Niles came, I am enlightened.

All my life, I have believed that the correct way of living is to play the role that every one else expects you to be.

Nobles will be nobles. Servants will be servants. Master will be sad, but won't abandon his position among the nobles. Alvena is human and she can't run away by herself. And I can't change anything.

I believed that it was the way things are.

Little did I expect, the one to save me would be Niles. That doesn't make sense. But that's okay.

As we rode back in Niles's carriage, a strange thought entered my mind.

After all that has happened, perhaps, just perhaps... I don't need a Master.


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