31 - Party time.

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Vanessa 🌻

"Oh my god nessa, you look gorgeous!" Kelly squeals. We're standing in front of my mirror, checking ourselves out.

Tonight is the night I attend drake and evangeline's engagement party. I was surprised to find out that my family had been invited by the knights, so I wouldn't be going alone.

"Shut it bitch, you look way hotter than I do." I flip my hair and Kelly laughs.

I was dressed in a body hugging, floor length, golden colored gown. The material was covered in glitter, and it had a slit at the side that exposed my leg with every step I took.

It was definitely something show stopping and would capture the eye easily.

Which is exactly what I wanted.

"No, I swear this dress is making my butt look fat." Kels frowns, twisting and looking her ass over in the mirror.

I roll my eyes. "Girl, your butt looks fantastic. Tom's gonna need something to hide his hard on once he sees you." I wink at her, and then shudder at the thought.

She laughs, grabbing her clutch and tucking it under her arm. I grab my purse, quickly double checking my reflection before stepping away.

"Limo's here!" Vivi calls from downstairs. Kelly grins, excitement lighting up in her eyes.

"I can't believe you're doing this nessa.. You're so fucking strong I wish I had some of your strength." She says. I loop my arm through hers as we exit my bedroom and make our way downstairs.

"Don't even get me started on you, best friend." I tusk, then frown. "But I am nervous as fuck."

Kelly bumps her hip against mine. "You've got nothing to be worried about. You're going to knock em dead." She assures me.

I nod my head, breathing out a soft breath as I try to shake away my nerves.

Upon stepping outside the house, Thomas grabs my best friend and smacks a kiss on her lips.

"You look beautiful." He growls and she giggles.

Ugh. Gag. Gross.

There was a black limousine parked in front of the driveway, and Vivian was by the door, speaking to someone inside.

I guessed it was my parents and they'd stopped by with their limo to pick us up, but then a man stepped out. He was dressed in a tuxedo, a single rose between his teeth.

I furrow my brows, mouthing a what the fuck when he leaned down towards Vivi and she leans back, giggling like crazy.

Okay. This is weird.

That's when my sister bit the stem of the rose with her teeth, pulling it out of the guys mouth.

Oh my god.

They share a quick kiss before they both get into the car, leaving the door open. I stay stuck in my spot on the concrete driveway, my jaw hanging open.

Since when?

Shaking my head, I make my way down the driveway and toward the limo. When I get inside, sliding across the seats, I'm surprised to find my parents and two other adults who looked to be around their age.

"This is my daughter Vanessa." I pull a polite smile, muttering a small hello at the couple. "Vanessa, this is Rosa and Eden Cohen, I've mentioned them a couple of times.."

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