The once very pale grey she-cat was now a rosey-cream color, with ambery brown spots, her eyes were still a dull yellow, but they now had a few flakes of green in them.

Ariel was looking around, they were right outside of Thunderclan's camp. The moon was high in the night sky. Celestial could almost feel the countless eyes on his pelt, he looked up, his golden eyes held nervousness.

He was only 'born' just yesterday, and here he was, being thrown into a fight between a band of rouges and a clan of farel cats.

"Ariel, why do we look different?" Starlight finally asked, not being able to handle the silence anymore.

The wiser Starstepper looked to the young cats, "Sometimes, we change our pelt colors to help us in different situations. You can change them willingly, try to think of what you looked like before." she said, looking to the white she-cat.

Starlight looked at her front paws, focus blazing from her narrowed eyes. Celestial watched her, he waited with wide eyes as Starlight's fur slowly turned back to normal, now jet black with its small white dots and hints of ginger.

Starlight let out a nonexistent breath, 'panting' heavily after her transformation. She looked up at Ariel, her ghostly green eyes seemed to search for pride in the other cat's eyes.

A soft purr of praise rose from Ariel's throat, "You did good." she told her, flicking her tail in a respectful way.

Sunburst smiled at Starlight, licking her shoulder, Starlight looked to him and smile.

Celestial laid there, almost forgetting why they were here. He got up, slipping out of the small group of cats, he walked arouns, looking for the Thunderclan camp.

He walked for a while, before coming across a unusual patch of land. It seemed to make some sort of a shield around a small area. "This must be it!" he thought, he gave his fur a few quick licks before padding in. The clearing was deserted, not a single cat was awake, nor any prey, the only sound of a owl and a few crickets could be heard.

Celestial looked around, he looked inside a large den, inside were many sleeping cats, all in different colors, a yellowish ginger tabby was stirring in his sleep, twitching slightly.

Next to him laid a black tom, his tail was intertwined with the jittery tom's, making Celestial smile a bit. "They're in love!" he thought, a purr stuck in his throat.

He looked around to see if he could count the cats, there seemed to be about eighteen from what he could see.

He left the cats to sleep in peace, and came to a different den, inside held the scent of herbs, a bit strong, but at the same time, very relaxing. He left the den to be, not finding a cat inside, he went across, looking in.

Two she-cats laid in soft mossy bedding, one had a large plum belly, while the other had three small kits next to her. They only seemed to be a day old, they were so small and was moving around in their sleep.

Smiling, Celestial crept inside, looking at the tiny kits. He wasn't able to make out the looks of the kits' soft fur, but they held the soothing scent of milk.

Celestial left the mothers and kits to be, padding across the clearing once more to another den.

Inside were only four cats, they seemed young, they must have been what Ariel and others called 'Apprentices'.

Before he could leave, a sleepy head rose, "Who's there?" asked a sleepy voice, it sounded like a she-cat.

Celestial didn't say anything, he knew mortals couldn't see him, so he just watched.

"W-who, are you?" the she-cat squeaked out. Celestial leaned forward, a bit confused, "You can see me?" he asked, slight taken back.

"Yeah," a yawn rose from the she-cat, "Look, Cowpatch, even Twitchfur isn't up, go back to sleep." she said, before laying her head back down.

Celestial blinked in confusion, "Cowpatch?" he muttered, he didn't question it, she must have been to sleepy to see straight. Celestial didn't want to question it to much, so the tom left the young cats to be.

He looked arouns, just to see Ariel and the others come in, "There you are!" Ariel said, padding over. "You had us worried!" she hissed, batting Celestial with her paws, her claws sheathed.

"Sorry, I wanted to find Thunderclan really badly!" he explained, looking down. Ariel sighed, "Just don't do it again. Let's just wait for the right time, in the meantime, let's tell stories." Ariel suggested. Starlight and Ice sat near each other, "Sure." Ice purred, looking up at the brown she-cat.

Sunburst laid next to Burn, who laid next to Starlight, Celestial on the other side of him.

"Now, let's start with this one. Back when the clans were young..."

The rest of the night was with Ariel tell different stories, from the brave Kittypet leader Firestar, to the love story of Bluestar and Oakheart, waiting for the clan cats to wake up.

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