Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Thunderclan

"Ready to go?" asked Ariel, the day before the rouges attacked soon came. Cheetahstar ordered for them to be sent down to get to know Thunderclan a bit better.

Celestial nodded, his golden eyes held excitement, this was important, but he couldn't help but feel excited to see the clan they had to protect.

"Great, just this way, everyone." Ariel said, leading the young Starsteppers to a pool, Burn looked at the water with curious eyes. "We're protecting a pool of water?" she asked, looking up, now with confused dark green eyes.

Ariel shook her head, "No, Burn, step into the pool, it's one of the ways we speak with the clan cats, the other is to talk with them in their dreams." she explained to the she-cat.

"Oh, that makes sense! ... I think." she said, tilting her head a bit, still a tiny bit confused. "I'll explain more later. Now everyone, into the pool, come on." she said, before making her own way into the pool.

One by one, the Starsteppers made it into the pool, only to pull themselves up out of the water into a different place. Looking around Celestial looked at all the sights, mesmerized by his new surroundings.

Ariel padded forward, down a path that seemed to be made by cats. Pawsteps were in the ground, some still fresh. "We just missed Waveshine and Twostar, mousedung." Ariel hissed, before looking to the five once more. "Follow me the best you can." she told them, before she broke out into a run, her light brown fur almost blinding into the forest around them.

Celestial blinked in surprise, before he bounded forward, try to catch up to the older Starstepper. Two cats ran ahead of him, one was a dark grey, with barely noticeable tabby stripes, a silver tailtip tickled his nose as the she-cat ran forward.

"She smells like Burn!" he realized, the once yellowish she-cat was now different, but what seemed to stay the same was her eyes, still a dark green.

The tom next to Burn had Sunburst's scent, but the once fiery ginger tom was now a black and white long haired tom, with a few spots of ginger.

Curious, Celestial looked at himself, as far as he could tell, he was just a pure white color, no ginger, no black, not a single color but white.

He was so confused by this, he didn't hear Starlight's warning. "Celestial, look out!" she warned him. He looked, just to run into a prickly bush. He began to wiggle in the bush's grasp, he didn't feel the pain from its sharp thorns, but he was most definitely stuck.

"I thought spirits couldn't get stuck in stuff like this." he thought. He looked over to see if he could find Ice or Starlight.

A white she-cat with brown spots came over, she held Starlight's scent. The she-cat bit onto his tail, making Celestial let out a sharp yowl of pain, before Starlight started to pull him out. The white and brown she-cat panted, looking at him, "Watch out next time." she told him, her same strange voice reached his ears.

He gave a timid smile, before she ran off, Celestial following her.


Celestial panted heavily, his golden eyes were tired as they finally stopped to take a break. Sunburst was talking with Burn, while Starlight was grooming herself, Ice was lapping up water from a small puddle.

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