Chapter 13- Long Night

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#Kai pov#

I glanced in mirror to check myself last time. Black formal suit with my black hairs styled backward gave me a perfect gentleman look. I sprayed my favorite cologne and smiled at my reflection. I look handsome and I know it. My looks and money have always been the two major factors for every girl I pass by to drop her pants. Me begin me, I would always play there game along. I just don't understood how those bitches thought my money would ever benefit them for their hard work to batt their eyelashes on me? If that was possible then my staff would not have needed to work their asses off. However, today I will successfully tore apart all the hopes wandering in those mind about me and my money. (Kai picture ^ _^ )

(I know he is hot!!)

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(I know he is hot!!)

I fixed myself for final grabbing my phone. I dialed and call was picked instantly.

"What? Already missing me darling?" Came the annoying voice from other side. I thought about hanging up but said anyway,

"You sure you can't make it today? I mean you know well what I am going to do today don't you?"

"Of course I know darling and trust me I really wanted to be there to see you like that. I can't believe myself that I am going to miss such big opportunity." Came a huff of disbelief. I can't see but I know for sure there was a mischievous smile pasted on those lips.

"Why do you have to go France only this time of all the time?I hate you for this." I said in little annoyed. Came a reply after an annoying sound of chuckle, 

"Really? I love you too darling. Now stop being a dick headed asshole and go for it and remember to send me a video on TV." I really want to smack that mouth now. It was a signal that whatever the hell was going on now it was fine.

"Fuck off Mark. Why the hell you have to call me darling in front of the chicks hitting on you? Just fuck them or scare them away." I said annoyed. ( what? You guys thought kai was having something else going on.)

Mark would always refer me such things if I happen to call him and save his ass at the moment where it is in danger of getting forced. He is strong person to protect himself but he doesn't like to hurt people. He can't say no in very clear manner because he sounds very rude and once a girl had slapped him for free in public for that. And he can't say yes because he doesn't like to sleep with whores as he call them. So yeah basically to save his own ass he would treat me as his girlfriend on phone.

Mark sighed, "Why to do those things when I can use this one technique? Anyway leave it. Tell me are you nervous?" He sound exited to know.

"Why would I be nervous? I am irritated right now." I answered. I heard a sigh before he spoke again,

"Kai are you not nervous, what if people find it disgusting and would not accept you? It could effect your work." He asked concerned.

"First, they will not find it disgusting because I don't give them choice to do so. I don't give them the right to judge me. They can only have the right to disgust me if they are better than me and trust me none are. And anyways people are always two faced so I don't care fucking shit about there opinion. And if we talk about acceptance then they don't have to because I don't need it. Second I don't need anyone for business they need me." I replied in getting little annoyed thinking about how people always see themselves as better person. Nobody has the right to judge my life.

"So full of ourselves are we? Well I think that's the reason I am together with you darling." His voice suddenly became soft to which I growled in annoyance.

"Fuck her already!!" I shouted. He let out a laugh and i joined him later. He said after calming down " I love you too darling. Do your best today. I owe you this time." he hung up after that.

Once again I glanced at mirror and then left my room to get Shean. It was almost time for us to go. I knocked on his door twice while checking my phone and I heard the door crack open. I lifted my gaze from phone and my breath hitched.

He wore a black suit not very formal one. He had curled his hairs a little so the look little short then there actual length. He looked stunning and I checked him up and down without any shame. He cleared his throat uncomfortably to broke my lusting gaze on him.

 He cleared his throat uncomfortably to broke my lusting gaze on him

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"Uhh..." I started " you look good." I blurred out to make situation more awkward. He looked shocked for a moment and remained silent but spoke after a while "Thank you. You look handsome too." He answered but I sensed his tone was not usual. There was something missing in his voice. He was not meeting my gaze. He looked beautiful but some kind of sadness surrounded him. His eye doesn't hold there usual shine. We stayed in silence before my phone vibrate to show message from my driver telling he was here to pick us up.

"We are getting late. Lets go" I announced. He nodded and followed me. Why is he sad now? Is he sulking right now because I snapped at him in morning. I am not going to say sorry to him. It was not my mistake. He tried to act all considering which I don't like. I admit he is beautiful and handsome and hot and sexy and...OK so what I want to say is he is all that but he also has that innocent air which I personally hate.

Innocent people are weak. People who are innocent are always needed to be protected. They are too sensitive. They are ready to help other. And this things ultimately hurt them. They are weak. I hate weak people. If they are not capable then they should not be the part.

Whenever I see that innocence in his eyes I felt the strong urge to break him. I sometimes feel to protect him and at the same moment I want to break him.

The ride to party was all silent and if this is going to continue then this night is going to a long one.


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