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friday afternoon__

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friday afternoon

I HAD TIDIED my room, it the least i could do if richie was coming over to spent time with me. it was warm outside, the sun would be setting in about two hours or so. i had on a pale yellow strappy vest with two black stripes down the side and a pair of loose black jeans. on my feet were a pair of black ankle doc martins; making me feel a certain feeling.
i padded down the stairs, letting my feet sink into the soft material of the carpet in the hallway, richie would be here soon. richie and his fucking curls that drive me mad would be here very fucking soon.
why did i invite him? because i was lonely. why didnt i just invite bailey? because her presence makes me more lonely. bailey is absolutely beautiful, every one loves her (even though she has the most infuriating voice and personality).

i sat down on the floor against the passage wall, pulling my knees to my chest and throwing my head against the wallpaper clad wall. i sighed and ran a hand through my hair, pushing my fringe out the way; dad hates it when i do that. he says he paid " way to much fucking money for the hair" for me to just " shove it around" and "make a fool out of myself".
so when i heard the doorbell echo throughout the hallway i was sulking in, i got up slowly and walked towards the mirror on the wall next to the photo of mum, dad and myself when i was just two years old.
i straightened my shoulders and and took a breath in, pushing the insecurities to the side; or at least trying to.
i pulled my fringe back onto my forehead and made sure i looked neat; presentable, as dad would say.

i quickly walked towards the big wooden doors where the doorbell was currently going insane.
a string of profanities left my pink lips as i unlocked the door and twisted the copper doorknob, opening it ubruptly.

"calm down, would ya? my god," i said as i moved out the way to let richie in.

"gee well, maybe, i dont know. just a suggestion, maybe if you didnt open the door five minutes after i ringed, then maybe i wouldn't have to ring the doorbell twenty times ," he said smugly, sending a wink my way.

"you look nice, princess," he smiled and winked, pushing his glasses up with one of his skinny guitar playing fingers.

"yeah, not too bad yourself, tozier," i scoffed, turning around after locking the door.

he had on an orange, yellow and red silky button up, leaving the top 3 buttons undone. a pair of black skinny jeans wrapped themselves tightly around his tall legs. i have to be honest, he didnt look all that bad. richie tozier, the tall loser, didnt look bad.

i raised my eyebrows and pursed my lips, leaning against the door, watching as richie stalked over to the picture next to the mirror i had recently sulked infront of.

he brought his long arm up to the frame and gently unhooked it, bringing it off the wall and softly lookinh at it. a smile twitched up onto his face as he placed one of his hands into the photo, wiping some dust off of it.

"this your mom?" he questioned, turning to look at me but quickly looking away when his eyes caught mine.

"uh, yeah. she lives in seattle. she moved there after the divorce," i mumbled, lying straight through my teeth.
i wanted to tell him so bad. that she wasnt actually in seattle and that there was never actually a divorce. i wanted to scream 'shes fucking dead' .

but i wont.

"im sorry, you probably miss her a lot,"

"yeah, its tragic," i said softly, glancing over to him.

"you were a cute baby," richie laughed, placing the photo back on the wall and making eye contact with my emerald eyes, sending a wave of emotion through them; making me turn my head away quickly.

"oh okay, so youre saying im not cute anymore ey?" i retorted, placing my hands on my hips.
he turned his lanky body towards me and smirked.

"eh," he shrugged placing his hands in his pockets then turning around and walking down the hallway, curls bouncy in edge, disappearing into the clean kitchen.

"oh you did not just fucking say that," i followed suite, bringing my hand up to brush my fringe back into its place when i passed the mirror.
as i walked into the kitchen, richie was sat on the island with a fat pout on his face, hands crossed in his lap like child.
"what the fuck is wrong with you?" i questioned, walking towards the counter and standing with my hands on my hips in front of him; craning my neck to look up at him seeing as though i am the size of a goose.

richie looked down at me to reach my glare, smirking in the process.

"i can see your boobs from here,"

"what the fuck richie!" i exclaimed, turning around and looking down to my chest. he was right. you could fucking see the part of them that sticks out of the vest, cleavage. and, if you were tall enough and just happened to look down on me, you could see the valley.

"woah calm down, princess. i didnt see all of them," he smirked, hopping off of the counter and turning to walk towards me. he grinned, making me roll my eyes; struggling to keep the annoying smile urging its way up onto my face.

"let's go get dinner at the diner, yeah?" he questioned, running a hand throughout his curls; his dark, moody, brown curls that i could melt into any day.
pretty, too pretty for a derry boy like him. a wave, no, a tsunami poured throughout my lungs, my stomach and my heart; making my stomach do flips whenever his eyes would connect with mine. i would crawl into his honey brown eyes any day. they make me feel what even crystal blue eyes couldnt do. they are heavy, dark rolling hills of chocolate, pale skin decorating it. his dark hair surrounds his pretty face.

and i hated it.



"diner, princess?"

"yeah, sure tozier,"

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