The big issue

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"Lyric get up you don't wanna be late for your first day of school". I heard my mom yell frm down stairs " 5 more minutes mama please" "no child get yo big bootay up now don't make me get the bucket!" UGH I got up knowing I wouldn't be allowed to sleep in. I made my way to my bathroom and got ready for what I knew would be the first day of hell on earth SCHOOL! " o sorry I almost forgot my name is lyric jones I'm mixed with Jamaican and Hispanic I'm about 5'4 ( short I know ) I have hair tht goes to the middle of my back I have Carmel/ Hersey smooth skin DD breast and ass for days

Tbh I love how
I look the only thing I can't stand is I'm Fat at least that's what everybody else says about me it's the same name calling and teasing every year my mom always Doses her best to make me feel better but it still stings inside . Anyway I proceeded to get ready for school I looked in the Mirror and said " your so fat so ugly why didn't god make me skinny 😔

After washing and other hygiene stuff I looked for a outfit I decided on washed acid jeans my new Jordan's a crop top my studs that say BOSS
On them and my snap back that said lady on it
Just cause I'm big don't mean I don't like to look fresh. I unwrapped my hair it fell to big long curls
I headed down stairs and out the door to my bus stop
I waited for the buss and when I got on there was no seats in the front just my LUCK!! I thought to myself ( LYRIC POV: I hate sitting near the back that's where all the drug dealers bullies and hoes sit ) as I made my way to the back I heard people whispering and giggling at me then the school hoes for years said " I hope yo Humpty Dumpty ass don't think u cute bitch " I wasn't even trying to hear her shit "aye hoe why don't u stfu and go do what u do best suck dick " said tht earned me Ooooooo!!!! Frm the crowd and shut her ass up.

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