42-Bonus Chapter

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Three years later:

Isabella and Gabriella are now ten, Luca and Lilliana are four, and Brandon is three. The girls were running around the house with their Halloween costumes on, chanting as they were dressed up as cheerleaders.

Luca and Lilliana were dressed up as a cowboy and cowgirl, they were having fun with their hats and the sounds of their cowboy boots as they walked across the kitchen floor. Sadie was trying to get Brandon's outfit on, she was feeling sick and hightailed it to the bathroom.

She sat on the floor near the toilet feeling like she puked up her entire insides, trying to think of what she ate that would have gotten her sick. She had quit taking the pill about a year ago, because of developing some serious side effects from the pill, so Antonio had been using a condom the entire time.

She grabbed a glass of water and continued to put on Brandon's costume, dressing him up as a pirate. She had all the kids stand next to each other and took their pictures.

Sadie walked into Antonio's office and went over to sit on his lap "I don't know if I'll be able to take the kids out tonight." she says, caressing his cheek.

"Why, what's going on?"

"I have been feeling sick lately, and just got done puking my insides out."

"Pregnant?" Antonio laughed.

"We've been using protection, so I don't think so."

Antonio curled his finger under her chin, bringing his lips to hers and kissing her lips softly, he pulled back and looked in her eyes, giving her the look that made her melt everytime he looked at her.

"Remember Ethan and Melissa's engagement party?" he asked with a grin

"Yes why?" she says thinking back. She remembered she drunk a little too much champagne, and they disappeared for a little while, having sex in the public bathroom and nearly getting caught by an employee of the banquet hall.

Sadie's eyes get wide "Oh no..."

Antonio was grinning from ear to ear "I believe that night would have been your fault, you insisted on it that night, right then and there." he laughed "Go get a pregnancy test."

Antonio looked at her, rubbing her stomach "Ethan will be here shortly, you can stay here and he can help with the kids if that's OK."

"I guess so. I'd hate to miss out on them going out in their costumes, they all look so damn cute."

"It's up to you."

Sadie got off Antonio's lap when she heard Ethan talking with the kids. She walked into the living and busted out laughing when she saw Ethan.

"What the hell are you wearing? You can't wear that out with the kids!" she covered her mouth, and shook her head. Antonio walked into the living room to see what the commotion was about, and couldn't stop laughing.

 Antonio walked into the living room to see what the commotion was about, and couldn't stop laughing

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