Chapter - 1

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I was sitting at home, munching on a pack of skittles while watching television on a lazy Sunday afternoon when my phone chimed, indicating I had a message. I picked it up from the table and opened the messenger app on my phone, seeing that I had a message from a number I didn't know.

Hi. It read.

Realising I had nothing better to do and also because I was curious to know who was messaging me, I decided to reply.

Me : Who's this?

I typed out and hit send, putting the phone back on the table. I hadn't even settled back into the couch properly when it pinged again.

Unknown : Sorry.

One word, that was all the person had written. It confused me. I didn't even know who this person was and they wanted to apologise to me? What for?

Me : Who are you? What are you sorry for?

I quickly typed out and hit send. Whoever this was, they had my interest piqued, the movie I'd been watching long forgotten as I waited for a reply.

My phone pinged within seconds. They sure were fast. I quickly opened it.

Unknown : Sorry for messaging you out of the blue and getting your number from wherever. I should've been man enough to ask it of you myself.

Huh. So it was a guy. I'd be lying if I said that the fact that it was a guy messaging me hadn't made me even more curious than I already was, and a bit giddy too, if we were being completely honest here. But the question was, why had he wanted my number in the first place? More importantly, who the hell was this guy?

Me : Who is this? What did you want my number for?

Unknown : This is Xander Parker. I really like you and want to be friends with you. Will you do me the honour of being my friend, Scarlet?

The message came later than the previous ones, giving me the impression that he'd really given this one some thought before sending it over.

Xander Parker. The name somehow did ring a bell. I had a distinct feeling that I'd heard the name before but couldn't quite recall from whom or where I'd heard it at. But who the hell had given him my number? Who the hell was going around distributing my number to random strangers? Anger surged through my veins and I typed out furiously, completely disregarding all that he'd just said.

Me : Who the hell gave you my number?

Xander Parker : there, calm down girl. I mean no harm. I just wanna be friends with you.

I hadn't answered him and he'd done the same. Somehow, it angered me more than it should've.


I asked, shouty capitals and all. I knew I was being a hypocrite by not answering any of his question yet still demanding answers in return but whatever. It wasn't like I cared. The only thing I cared about was the little piece of information I was after.

I had no intention whatsoever of befriending a stranger I knew nothing about. He could be an axe murderer for all I knew. All I wanted was for him to tell him where he'd gotten the number from and that was it. I was going to have a nice chat with the bastard who was going around distributing my number to random strangers as if it were candy and bash his or her nose in for added measure, so much so that they'd think twice before doing anything like this in the future again.

Xander Parker : I can't tell you that. But what I can tell you is that it was one of your friends who did this.

One of my friends? But who? A lot of the people I knew and was friends with had my number. I couldn't quite go around asking each and every one of them if they'd given my number to someone named Xander Parker. Besides, what were the chances that they'd actually accept that they're the one who did it even if I asked?

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