Chapter 1 -New family

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N/N nickname Y/N your name

Today was the day, you were supposed to move and meet your new brothers. Aaron was not excited about it. "N/N do we really have to move in with 13 guys? This is a really bad idea!" 

"Calm down Aaron, you're freaking people out"

"Well what were you expecting doll, bringing a snake into a train?" Aaron pointed out. 

"Shut the fuck up, I wasn't going to lock you up in a cage... Unless you want me to" you whispered to him, not wanting people to think you are crazy, talking to a snake.

Well people speak to dogs and cats so what's the difference? You thought. 

"Oi earth to N/N! Are you okay you've been spacing out lately" Aaron asked worried about you. 

"I'm good... Papa's going to be married and we will live in a house full of guys".

 "What about it? I thought you were excited about getting brothers".

 "Well... Yes I am but.. it's just -sigh- what if papa forgets about us?"

"Are you stupid?" 

Wow Aaron I'm telling you my worries and this is what I get as a response? Fuck you. You growled in your head. 

"Rintaro isn't going to forget about us, don't worry doll" Aaron comforted you. 

Snakes truly are humans best friends. you joked inside your head.

"Rintaro has gone crazy" Aaron mumbled and slightly tightened himself around you.

"Why do you say that?"

"He's sending you to live with 13 guys doll!" Aaron exclaimed. 

Hm is he... Is he jealous already?! We haven't even gotten there. "No need to be jealous Aaron, you'll always be my number one"

"Shut up. I'm not jealous doll".

"Whatever you say princess" you whispered the last part. 

"I heard that you insolent brat" Aaron hissed in your ear.

Woops. Laughing because Aarons tongue tickled you, you said "You were supposed to hear it."

Time skip

"I really hope we got off at the right station".

"Don't worry doll we're supposed to be here".

"We're lost aren't we Aaron" you stated.

"No we are not, turn left and walk straight".

You did as you were told and saw a moving truck leave a house. Fuck was I late?!

"Aaron I swear to God if they didn't drop my shit here I'm going on a killing streak" you warned the snake.

"You are gonna go on one anyway" he stated.

"You're not completely wrong"

"Hello there you must be Y/N Hinata right?" A tall guy asked.

"Uhh -you take a step back- depends on who's asking" stranger danger.

The tall one just chuckles at you.

"My name's Masaomi Asahina, it's nice to meet you"

"Yeah you too, I guess" He seems polite

"Hey there big sis my name's Wataru". A little boy run up to you and hugged you around the waist.

"Well hello to you too, name's Y/N and this is Aaron" you pointed at Aaron and ruffled Wataru's hair "Wow you have really soft hair." He just giggled at your comment.

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