A New Dawn

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Star Wars: A New Dawn

Reviewed by AngusEcrivain

Now I'm not gonna' lie, this is actually the first Star Wars novel I've read

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Now I'm not gonna' lie, this is actually the first Star Wars novel I've read. I'll tell you now though, it's certainly not gonna' be the last. In fact, the very second I polished off A New Dawn, there was another ordered. I made the decision to read in order of the date of publishing, rather than chronological to the Star Wars timeline. I've also made the decision that as far as novels go, I'm only going with the canon post-2014 stuff.

But that's enough of that! On with the review - if that's what we can call this! I'm pretty sure it's just going to be me, rambling somewhat incoherently without any hope of reaching a conclusion!

First and foremost, A New Dawn actually serves as a prequel novel to the Star Wars Rebels TV series (which I shamefully have not watched). We're introduced to the reluctant Jedi, Kanan Jarrus, and a Twi'lek known as Hera Syndulla, and are taken on a roller coaster of a ride equal in awesomeness to any story line found in the movies, as they face off against The Empire in the form of Count Vidian, a technologically-enhanced former safety inspector, and Rae Sloane, temporary Captain of the Star Destroyer, Ultimatum.

For me, whilst A New Dawn is full of strong characters, Sloane is the stand-out, and the development of her character from the Ultimatum's temporary Captain to saviour of The Empire (at least as far as the thorilide reserves of the Gorse System are concerned, at any rate) really is a joy to read.

Personally, I'd recommend A New Dawn as a jumping off point for those, like me, whose forays into the world of Star Wars fiction are limited or non-existent. I wager those of you who're familiar with the Star Wars Legends (pre-2014) stuff will enjoy it just as much, too!

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