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"During college final year, a friend of mine suggested to check out Dark Web, and a French website where we can earn by betting. I know what you’re thinking, and I thought that too:

A French gambling website? Sounds trustworthy.

However, my friend swore to me that the site was legit and it only used PayPal as the payment method, so my mind was somewhat put at ease.

So on a Sunday, I was bored and decided to finally give it a shot. I was put off by bad English used on the welcome page but shit. Registration was painless and it took only few minutes before I was in the roulette lobby. I had around $100 in my Paypal account which I had earned online, so I bought $100 worth of virtual chips.

The site offered three rooms where I could play, but they were all full. I kept refreshing the page but spaces weren’t opening. I was losing patience. I decided I’d refresh one more time and if it was still full, I’d peace out. Shit, if they don’t want my money, someone else would gladly take it. I hit the refresh button and something changed. The whole layout of the page was suddenly completely different. The original, unappealing brown-ish page was now all black, but more notably, there was only one link on it. A link to a virtual room named “Erreur.”

I found this really strange. I thought that I might have clicked on one of those annoying banner adds (that got pass AdBlock somehow) so I clicked the “back” button, but nothing changed. Whatever man, I already said goodbye to that $100, so let’s try this shit. I clicked on the lobby and after the page asking me if I was sure I wanted to enter (which I found strange, almost as if they didn’t want my money), I got inside the damn thing finally.

I am not sure if you guys ever played online roulette, but this is how it works (at least the ones I played in). You are connected through a live webcam to some shithole casino. You choose your numbers and place your bets and then watch the dealer spin the wheel in real time and see what you won (or lost most likely). It’s almost like being there. So the webcam loads and the first thing I notice is this girl, I swear she couldn’t have been older than 15-16. She was short, skinny, and blonde. I immediately noticed that she looked tired. They’re probably overworking her like a mule I thought to myself. It seemed like her table was on some sort of a platform because I could see the rest of the room behind her. There were approximately 5 card tables, all full. The place seemed awfully quiet. Then, my desire to lose money kicked in and I decided to place my first bet.

$5 on odd numbers.

All bets are in!

The girl said quietly as she spun the wheel. Usually, dealers yell out that line as a part of the show. I guess these guys were all business.


Shit. $95 left. I wrote down the number in my notebook because that was part of my system. Writing all the numbers down so I can predict the future. Brilliant, right? (not really)

$10 on odd numbers.

All bets are in!

The little asshole ball stopped at 12. God damn it. Oh well, still got $85 left.

$20 on odd numbers.

As she spun the wheel I started noticing something strange in the room. It almost seemed like nobody…


Hell fucking yes. Won $40. Up to $125. Maybe this place isn’t so bad. $10 on odd again. Yeah, I know, my system is strange.

All bets are in!

she said again. As the ball was slowing down, I looked more over the background of the room. I was right a minute ago when I felt something strange. Nobody in the fucking room was moving. At all.

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