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"Scarlett," the deep baritone murmured, "I know you're awake."

I stiffened at his voice but did not bother to open my eyes as I lay on the hospital bed.

Him. The man the nurses said was my husband. The one I could not remember no matter how hard I tried.

"We'll be leaving after lunch. The doctor gave leave to go home just now." He continued.

Home? I waited for some sort of spark to my memories but there was none. My feelings of apprehension only increased.

They said it was amnesia. Ever since I woke up two weeks ago with a broken wrist, I couldn't remember one thing. Not one thing. They also said my name was Scarlett Noble-Harrington.

I opened my eyes and immediately met the electric blue ones who constantly watched over me like a hawk. 

And this, I thought to myself, is Zachary Christopher Harrington. My husband.

For some reason, I could not find it in me to believe that. He had an aura around him that was too much for me. He was simply intimidating, oozing of authority and as I found out was a ruthless businessman in his own right. The man was beautiful, chiseled face and features... but he reminded me of cold statues and dark angels.

There was no soft side to him and that made me question what I liked about him.

And if he took me home? The thought of being left alone with him was frightening.

"C-can't I stay here a few more days?" his presence made me stutter and I blushed fiercely.

Zachary watched me from the side of the bed. He held out a hand to stroke my long brown hair and I flinched involuntarily. He ignored that and continued down my hair to rest his big hand on my shoulder. His thumb was rubbing on my collarbone and every fiber in my being was reacting to that simple touch.

How was he able to do that?

I knew by his expression that he knew what he was doing to me and he smiled, "We've been here for two weeks. The doctor said you have more chances of recovering in familiar surroundings."

His tone did not let room for arguing and I helplessly looked to him, pleading with my eyes.

"Plus being in a hospital for an extended period of time would not be good for the baby."

The baby.

That was another thing that added to my anxiety.

I didn't just wake up in this hospital without memories... I also woke up pregnant. 

But how did all these happen?

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