Beautifully Confused

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Hey guys ,

So I got my first review on this story and I just wanted to clear up a few things that the judge mentioned. 

Race: Blue Doe is not black. She is mixed ( half white/ half hispanic ) I thought I mentioned this, but I might have just thought it and never wrote it. I think I mentioned her hispanic hips, but sometimes I write things and then delete them :)

Cover: Yes, the person on the cover is white, but I thought with the clock in the background and the way she was dressed was a good representation of what I wanted for this story, eventhough the woman doesn't fit my character's physical description.

Other than that my judge brought my attention to some really important issues I have with this story, so thank you. #BrewingFlairAwards

If you have your own opinions about the plot/characters I would love to hear them, even the negative ones. That's the only way to improve :) 

SIDE NOTE: I switched updates to Friday. It just fit with my college schedule a lot more than Tuesday. I hope you guys can understand. 


Her lips were so soft. So incredibly heart-throbbingly soft. I wanted to devour her, but I knew I had to take it slowly. I couldn't and I shouldn't destroy her innocence. 

Even when I so badly wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to.

This wasn't Blue. 

My encounter with her flashed through my thoughts: the way she looked at me, the way she arched into my body, the sounds she made without me even fully touching her. She was unashamed of her own desires. Something I had not seen in many women.

I wonder, with her memories gone if she would respond the same way? Would she retreat?

I couldn't see her doing that-- retreating.

Lady Harringson's small moan brought my attention to my inattention. How long have I been kissing Hazel? More importantly, how long have I been kissing Hazel, but thinking of Blue?

She started to pull away, but I surged forward, following the kiss and prolonging it. I didn't want it to end, right? I needed this to be right, I needed it to feel right.

This is the woman I am going to be married to for the rest of my life. Of course I wouldn't want to stop kissing her. I want to kiss her for the rest of my days, at least I should want to.

A small squek of surprise huffed from her mouth.

I swallowed the sound as I pushed her lips apart and carefully dipped my tongue into her. My hands tangled through her hair and held her head still as I set a gentle pace to our kissing. 

I made sure that I wasn't forcing her.

At first her hands gripped my arms, squeezing and unsqueezing as if she was trying to decided to either push me away or pull me closer. They slowly relaxed, only to bunch up into fists as I skimmed my tongue down the length of hers in a scandalous manuvuer.

She ripped her lips from mine. "Theodore?" Her voice came out in a question and in a bold movement I dropped my mouth and planted an open-mouthed kiss to top of her heaving breasts. She hissed before gripping my hair and pulling my head away.

For a moment I was confused. She was much more responsive last time and I hadn't even kissed her. I opened my eyes and what I saw caused me to stumble back. "I...I...I'm sorry." I plopped into my chair as shame settled on my shoudlers and pushed me closer to hell. My stomach rolled as my own thoughts registered to me. I had forgotten that I was kissing Hazel. 

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